Hawks point guard Young to train with Lakers great Bryant

Hawks point guard Trae Young is coming off a nice finish to his rookie season.

Atlanta Hawks point guard Trae Young is coming off a fruitful rookie season but still wants to get better. In order to do that, Young will train with one of the best.

So the plan is for Young to train with Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant prior to training camp, according to The Athletic. The emphasis of the workouts will be to develop Young’s midrange game.

Young recently spoke at his basketball camp about improving individually and his hopes for the Hawks.

“There’s a lot of goals that I have,” Young said. “Mainly, they’re team goals. I just want to focus on winning, things like that. Everything else will fall in line.”

Young averaged 19.1 points and 8.1 assists as a rookie and showed marked improvement in the season’s second half. He was second in the league in total assists (653 in 81 games).

But again, he understands life in the NBA can often be more difficult as a sophomore, as opponents know you a little better. They can plot and plan for your every move.

Young is preparing accordingly.

“I’ve been training basically like it’s before the draft,” Young said. “I’ve been training super hard in the weight room, trying to get stronger, trying to get bigger, faster.”

The next step is to apparently take the floor with Bryant, who retired in 2016 with career averages of 25.0 points, 5.2 rebounds and 4.7 assists. Bryant was one of the game’s great midrange players, creating space and getting to his spots.

As for the Hawks as a team, Young and others seem to think they are in line for a bigger season.

“I know a lot of people expect us to be a lot better next year,” Young said. “Still, I think our expectations and our goals are higher than most.”