He asks for a Suns fan to be ejected and argues with a reporter at a press conference

He asks for a Suns fan to be ejected and argues with a reporter at a press conference

It wasn't just another day to Luka Doncic In the NBA. The star of the Dallas Mavericks He saw how his opponent was the great protagonist of Victory Phoenix Suns Against his team, but on top of that he had to deal with another problem.

Doncic had to endure A Phoenix Suns “fan” who was harassing him throughout the game. As mentioned Tim McMahonThe comment that ended Doncic's patience was in reference to his weight, because he was going to tell him that “He was going to run on the treadmill.”

The Suns fan's unfortunate performance did little to affect Doncic, who signed 34 points, 8 rebounds, and 9 assists To be the only one to reach the Mavs level.

Doncic gets angry at a journalist at a press conference

Luka Doncic She spoke confidently and made the fan go home early, an episode that was recorded and shared Tim McMahonESPN journalist.

Already in the press room after the game, They both had more than one tense momentSince Doncic scolded him for posting that with the intention of making him look bad.

I knew you'd be the first to blame me for something bad. “I'm not going to say what he said, but I knew you'd be the one to post something like that,” Doncic said when asked about the matter. “It's funny. You're always the first one to put something bad about me.” episode.

The whole mess of this issue probably comes from the way MacMahon handled the situation, as he implies in his post Doncic fired him for making a comment about his weight, with a fan yelling at him to “go run on the treadmill.”

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The journalist disguised himself by saying, “This was the right time for your reaction,” which Doncic did not deny but wanted to put in context: “Was that the only time he said anything? He was insulting me throughout the entire first half.”

Luka Doncic shined against the Suns, but it wasn't enough for the Mavericks.

Tony Gutierrez/La Presse

McMahon never tired of insisting on this issue. “Why didn’t you ask for him to be sent off in the first half?” is a more than strange question to which Doncic answered frankly. “They pay for the tickets, but I'm tired.”

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