He wanted to withdraw $20 and found out he had 1,000 million| Telemundo

He wanted to withdraw $20 and found out he had 1,000 million|  Telemundo

A woman in Largo, Florida trying to withdraw $20 from an ATM discovered she had nearly $1 billion in her bank account,

“I know most people probably thought they won the lottery, but I was shocked that it wasn’t my money,” Julia Junkowski admitted to local broadcaster WFLA over the weekend.

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Yunkowski was even more confused when, trying to withdraw money, she warned her from the ATM that there would be an additional fee because she would be exposed to an overdraft. Then he printed his account balance where he saw the total $999,985,855.94 أمريكي.

At first he thought maybe it was something wrong online or he was the victim of some kind of fraud. Since it was the weekend, he was unable to reach a representative from Chase Bank to see what was going on in his account.

A copy of Julia Yunkowski’s bank receipt from Florida, showing the figure close to $1 billion. WFLA

But what seemed like a miscalculation, this woman turned into a virtual billionaire, turned out to be protective method for fight fraud Chase uses it to freeze the bank account, which explains the woman’s inability to withdraw funds.

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According to Chase, Yonkowski has a joint or joint bank account with her deceased husband, and since the documentation required in cases where one of the owners dies, the system freezes any related activity.

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Select Chase it The amount reflected in the account was actually a negative balance of approximately $1 billion, Which aims to grab the customer’s attention.

The bank did not explain to the media why this particular amount was used, but explained that the woman’s account had been returned to its original state. She’s not a billionaire, she doesn’t owe about a billion dollars, and she can now withdraw money.

Yunkowski hopes that his case will serve as a lesson so that it does not happen to other people and they can resolve any existing inconsistencies with his financial institution.

with information from WFLA s TooFab.

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