Trump is below the Florida governor according to the 2024 referendum

Trump is below the Florida governor according to the 2024 referendum
  • Florida Gov. Ron Desantis paves way for upcoming presidential election, leaving Trump behind
  • The FBI Director says he does not know if Trump is being investigated for what happened in Capitol
  • Many children will be reunited with their loved ones after a breakup.

Governor of Florida, Ron Desantis, Echoed by local media on Monday in a poll conducted by the Conservative Century Institute that has overtaken former President Donald Trump as the main presidential candidate for the 2024 elections. Desandis is projected to win 71.43% of the vote, compared to 74.12% for the former president, according to the poll, which could select “all the candidates he approves for the presidency in the 2024 elections.” The Conservative Summit 2021 among 371 participants in the West took place in Denver (Colorado) and concluded on Saturday.

The Survey The White House includes 30 potential candidates from the Republican and Democratic parties, with Texas Senator Ted Cruz 42.86% and former Secretary of State (2018-2021) Mike Pompeo 39.35% and fourth, respectively. Former President Donald Trump Jr., 24.80%, and former First Lady Michael Obama, with 2.96% (highest-scoring Democrat), are the other names appearing in the poll, according to Christian University of Colorado.

Donald Trump in the next election


The poll, conducted during the event, which is considered one of the most important conservative summits in the western United States, reflects the fascination that Republicans have with Republicans in facing the next presidential race, for which the Florida governor has yet to do anything.

Trump’s political ally supported him when he was running for governor of the state, and was isolated by the former president as his final ally, the vice presidential candidate, even if he decided to run for the campaign. President 2024. Prior to that, work was pending to win re-election in Florida next year, and according to recent polls he maintains the goal of getting more than 50% of the vote, regardless of who the Democrats are.

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The FBI director does not know whether Trump is being investigated for rioting in Capitol


The Director Former President Donald Trump (2017-2021) said he did not know whether his aides or members of Congress were being investigated by the intelligence agency, FBI’s Christopher Vare said Thursday. Attack To the Capitol on January 6th. After a Democratic lawmaker questioned Trump, Ware said at the House Judiciary Committee hearing, “I don’t know of any specific inquiry into this.”

However, he clarified: “We have hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of inquiries regarding January 6, which involve a lot and a variety of issues. I would like to be careful.” Later, when another Liberal representative questioned him again about the former president’s role, Vare said he could not confirm or deny that there was an open inquiry into Trump at this time regarding the Capitol uprising.

FBI investigation

FBI Director Reports on Trump Case and Riot

Jerry Nadler, a Democrat who chairs the group, made the remarks after criticizing the FBI and other US intelligence agencies for dealing with threats that spread through the networks before the riots. Last January 6. Nadler insisted that the attack on Capitol was “openly” planned on different social media sites and that there were exercises by “right-wing militant groups” before the riots.

To defend his job, he explained that none of the more than 500 people detained so far in connection with the attack on Capitol were previously under FBI investigation, suggesting that it was difficult to monitor their activities in advance. This Thursday’s hearing in the previously planned lower house comes two days after the release of the first bipartisan inquiry into an extraordinary attack by then-President Trump supporters in January.



According to the investigation, at least two weeks before the attack, security guards at the building were reviewing traces of armed intrusion, but repeated communications and intelligence failures prevented the agents who sent the information there from reaching it. The more than 100-page report accused the US intelligence agencies, the Pentagon and the Capitol Police of gross misconduct and inadequate training on the part of agents defending Congress.

However, the document did not analyze the root causes that led to Trump’s radical supporters attacking Capitol, namely the complaints that the current president, Joe Biden, won, with no evidence of the current former president “stealing” the elections last November. One week ago, Republicans in the U.S. Senate blocked a bill to create an independent commission of experts to investigate a riot that killed five people, including a police officer.

More than 3,900 immigrant children have been separated from their families by the Trump administration


More than 3,900 immigrant children were separated from their families by then-President Donald Trump’s immigration policy from July 2017 to January 2021, the Family Reunification Working Group, founded by his successor, Joe Biden, said Tuesday. “The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is committed to reuniting families brutally separated by the previous government,” the department head said in a statement. Alejandro Myorgas.

Report Indian 5,636 families and their children were separated during that period, but only 3,913 could be classified within the definition of that task force created by the Biden administration. Nearly 400 miners have been deported to their home countries, and the DHS says 1,723 cases are under consideration.

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Family gatherings

Immigrant children

“When we reunited the first seven families last month, I said it was a start,” Mayorgas added. “In the coming weeks, we will reunite 29 more families. The task force will continue this work in close collaboration with NGOs, law firms and other organizations.” The report points out that reunifications with ISIS will continue and that nearly 50 procedures have been initiated.

This means that parents of divorced minors can enter the United States and be allowed to stay for up to 36 months with the opportunity to seek accreditation to work. Michael Brane, executive director of the task force, said the government would “provide support and services to help these families rebuild their lives.”

Since Trump is gone, more undocumented have come to the country

Shadows of immigrants

In the last 30 days, 7 minorities have met their parents and brought the total number of children reunited with their families to 1,786. There are 2,127 other children, for whom the task force “has no confirmed record of reunification,” the report added. These figures are known when Vice President Kamala Harris was on tour in Guatemala and Mexico, where she traveled to study immigration to the United States, where for a year undocumented immigrants and asylum seekers did not stop increasing. Especially. Since Biden came to power.

The situation, which saw more than 178,000 immigrants cross the border into Mexico last April, has embarrassed the Biden government, which is immersed in serving thousands of minors without cooperating with their parents or legal guardians and families with young children in an attempt to distance itself from Trump’s policy of resettlement.

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