The happiest country in the world is desperately looking for foreign workers

The happiest country in the world is desperately looking for foreign workers

Helsinki, Finland.

At the top of the list “The happiest country in the world”And the Finland suffer to find foreign workers that ease your demographic crisis And solve their labor deficit, which is one of the The worst in Europe.

“It is now widely recognized that we need to file Impressive number People (…) to help cover costs from aging generation‘, explained to AFP Sako Tehverayanen, Headhunter From Talented Solutions Agency.

Most Western countries Confrontation demographic agingBut few people feel its influence like that Scandinavian country from 5.5 million people, with the largest deficit of skilled workers Within the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development.

In Finland, there are four people over the age of 65 for every ten people of working age. In 2030, that percentage will rise to one in two, making it only behind Japan all over the world.

The government estimates that it needs to Immigration balance positive from 20,000 to 30,000 people Every year – double what it is now – for maintenance Public services and elderly care in the level of excellence and compensation for the impending deficit in retirement system.

After years of stalemate, companies and the government ‘at a turning point and They understand the problem.”Dice, Charles Mathis.

Responsible for research in education and immigration at the Academia de Finland, Mattis is one of the experts consulted for the government’s program “Talent Enhancement” (Talent enhancement), which was launched four years ago to increase Labor attractiveness of the country.

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Among the in-demand professionals, they are Spanish health workersSlovak metal workers Computer scientists or experts of the Russian Navys, Indians or Filipinos.

‘mental problem’

Despite its good public services and low level cinequality and inequality, Finland suffers from comprehension foreign talent It’s hard language. Such as, Its climatic harshness as well as a certain closure in commercial tissues.

Ahmed (name changed) came to the country by Family reasons And even having long experience in the booming sector of design digital productsI couldn’t find a job.

“There was never labor shortage, it’s a mental problem”, says this 42-year-old Briton, while looking for work in Finland, Receive offers from عروض Norway, Qatar, UK or Germany.

Finally chose to work in a city Dusseldorf, Where he goes and comes every week from him Helsinki.

“A large number of Finnish companies and organizations are very attached to the use of the Finnish language, and fluent finnish, Indica Sacco teh Verenen.

But “As the manpower shortage worsens, we are seeing companies looking for others Solution “Scout added this.

For example, he cites the case of a sprawling technology factory that managed to employ very few 2000 people On six months after i . createdngles How working language.

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At the same time, Mayor Helsinki, cFabAvory, big telecom operators mobilized to Gravity enhancement and The city’s bad reputation.

Persuade Singles are not a big problemBut he explains that attracting husbands and families is difficult because “husbands always have huge problems finding decent work.”

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The mayor still trusts me Asian immigration And in the change in priorities brought about by the pandemic that has boosted, he says, his city’s values: “safe, practical, reliable and predictable.”

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