Health and education authorities ensure that PDT is conducted in a safe environment: more than 95% of students are vaccinated

Health and education authorities ensure that PDT is conducted in a safe environment: more than 95% of students are vaccinated

Tomorrow Monday, December 6, a total of 275,000 young people will take the Transition Test (PDT)This is the second time this process has been carried out in the context of a pandemic. As a result, this morning, Agent Networks Aid, Alberto Dugnac, with Under Secretary of Higher Education, Juan Eduardo Vargas, and Director Demire U de Chile, Leonor Varas, They reiterated the measures that have been taken to ensure that the examinations are carried out safely and with all appropriate health measures.

“To all those involved in this process, applicants and application staff, in short, the protocols we have adopted, They can confirm that all measures have been taken in such a way as to minimize any kind of health risk.” Undersecretary Vargas said.

In this sense, Dugnak stressed that “the epidemiological scenario on this occasion shows us a much more reassuring panorama than we had in previous months.”

“Given that despite the fact that the delta variant is the dominant variant today, The massive vaccination program has made it possible to contain the number of infected patients and the number of the most complex people “shed light.”This, along with the measures implemented to take the test, can give students who are going to take the test complete peace of mind that they will be in a safe environment.”And

also argued, “The large proportion of students who have been vaccinated – over 95% – gives us complete peace of mind that this process can be carried out quietly.And without worryAnd without worry and can focus on taking the test as they expect, Without additional pressure.

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As indicated, and as provided in the Protocol, In all places there will be places with alcohol jelly and sanitary supplies, as well as sanitation that will be carried out in places of surrender.

Like the last PDT, due to the epidemiological context, this test will be offered on two dates, with two different groups.

tomorrow Monday December 6, the first group should display a file The reading comprehension test starts at 10:00 am and continues at 3:00 pm with the elective sciences test.

The On Tuesday the 7th, the Math PDT will be presented at 10:00 AM and the PDT Date will be at 3:00 PM.

Later, The second group will continue this process on Thursday, December 9, with the reading comprehension test starting at 10:00 am and the science test at 3:00 pm. at the same time Friday the 10th Math PDT Day at 10:00 AM, History PDT at 3:00 PM.

PDT results will be published on January 11, 2022 at Also on that day will the submission of applications to universities begin.

On January 24, the applicants selected by the institutions will be notified and on Tuesday 25 the registration period will begin.

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