Ninel Conde is seeking legal action against the journalist

Ninel Conde is seeking legal action against the journalist

famous singer, Nineil Konde Ensures that his lawyer team is already considering filing a lawsuit against him Annabel Hernandez About his book “Emma and the Ladies…”, the famous publication that has not ceased at the present time to stir controversy in the world of the Internet and TV.

Namely, that the actress appears in one of the seasons and is currently considering legal action against the journalist and author of the same thing.

was on show “first hand”Where the “bonbon” decided to express himself about these indications that appear within the writing: “It’s all fakeI don’t even know where to start with this story. From a lot, nor where to begin in denial. Lawyers asked me not to comment on that, instead reporting that it’s in their hands Mexico As is the case in United State“.

“This will be clarified where it needs clarification, because it is a very sensitive matter. I will continue to work as I have always done and my lawyers will take care of the rest,” were the words he used Ninel On the to interview.

Of course, Gustavo Adolfo Infante wanted to know more about this topic, who stressed that these actions could also affect editorials the book, in the absence of the author’s dismissal, the hour of publishing the house can also be affected by Ninel Conde.

The celebrity has expressed on several occasions that everything was the result of the income that she received in her career in an honest way, and also says that she has evidence to refute what was published in the book.

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Remember, there are other famous people involved in the book who have also come out to deny the validity of their relationships with organizations.

However, there are other celebrities who have openly admitted to having an affair with one of the “heavyties” mentioned in the post, such as Platanito who revealed if he attended one of his parties.

For now we will continue to monitor the situation, in Show News we will tell you about the news that is presented and of course the statements of celebrities who have been linked to the organizations that appear in the book mentioned above.

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