Health has a Los Carmenes mass vaccination stadium in Granada

Health has a Los Carmenes mass vaccination stadium in Granada

Ministry Health football yard Carmini in Granada to be used An area designated for comprehensive vaccination Of the population. Technicians visit and study the characteristics of this and other spaces to adapt to this end.

Andalusian government plans to approve next week a It plans to release up to 500,000 vaccines Against Coronavirus Weekly and being able to reach the goal of vaccinating 70 percent of the population in the summer.

This was announced today, Tuesday, by the Minister of Presidency, Public Administration and the Interior and the spokesman for the Andalusian Executive Authority, Elias Bendoudou, at the press conference after the Governing Council meeting, where he explained that the so-called “500 thousand plan” was to be approved next week and the Minister of Health and Families, Jesus Aguirre. Report it already.

He stated that Andalusia is ready to provide half a million vaccines per week, as it has enough spaces for it and a sufficient number of professionals, who “deliver and do an excellent job.”

He pointed out that the goal is to intensify the vaccination process in the coming weeks, to the point that the central government sends more vaccines, which insisted on calling for 350,000 vaccines per week to be sent to Andalusia. “We are ready to organize the sixth march and 70 percent of the population has been vaccinated between now and the summer,” Bendodo was judged.

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Aguirre then explained that many spaces are being studied in Andalusia, large stadiums and exhibition grounds in cities, pavilions and the like in smaller municipalities.

All details are being studied, from the time each vaccination lasts (about two minutes), to the possibilities of creating spaces where it can be done in the same cars.

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