Seremi de Salud RM on the influx of people into the malls: “We’ve seen crowds and lines to enter, but capacity is being respected”

Seremi de Salud RM on the influx of people into the malls: “We’ve seen crowds and lines to enter, but capacity is being respected”

it’s a Sunday May 9 celebrates New Mother’s Day, one of Dates with the greatest sales for both the commercial and gastronomic sectors.

Did you include that “Permanent MRI checks are performed,” DC Health Department, Paula Labra, He has been consulted by the press before A large influx of people in the malls. In fact, on Wednesday there were long lines and crowds at malls like Costanera Center.

We have spent more than a month in quarantine, Malls were opened and of course people were goneAnd there were a lot of people, but we are constantly watching, and also with the municipality inspectors. Standards are respected, We’ve seen crowds and lines of entry, but capacity is being respected. ”Reassured Labra.

“We are calling If it is not necessary for them to go, do not do this and look for other methods, such as shopping onlineAnd he added in this matter.

On the same press point, Mayor of the Republic of Macedonia, Felipe GuevaraHe stressed the importance of not attending social gatherings or using the travel permit for these purposes.

This is not the time for a family reunion or getting together to celebrate. What mothers want most is greetings from afar, not material things as we have seen people flock to buy. (…) Unique permission is for necessities, not for social gatheringsGuevara said.

Regarding the possibility of a “green card,” the Ministry of Health stated: “At this moment There is no green card, but we think any initiative that encourages vaccination is welcomeAnd we call on employers to cooperate and allow their workers to be vaccinated. ”

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Three days before Mother’s Day, a A high percentage of the country is in confinement – either in quarantine (stage 1) or moving (stage 2) –Seremi de Salud metropolitana, together with the mayor of RM, met with the president of the Chilean Gastronomy Association, Máximo Picallo, for Monitor sanitary measures in restaurants Las Condes.

As detailed by the authorities, Cafes and restaurants and the like may operate in communes in the second stage Or more, just in Outdoors, with tables for a maximum of 4 people and a space of 2 meters between each table.

Use Masks are mandatory in public places It can only be retirada to consume foods or breakable items.

“The On weekends, restaurants can only operate with delivery. We want to make a call because it’s Mother’s Day weekend, a lot of us will be ordering delivery, so We ask for cooperation so that there is no clustering of distributors. “Said Minister of Health of the Republic of Macedonia, Paula Labra.

Head of The Chilean Gastronomy Association expressed its regret at the continued closure of restaurants during this date – Excluding Delivery -.

“We have shown that we are able to enforce the protocols, and this focus on a vaccination plan sounds very good to us, but also We need to start opening our business as soon as possible. We ask the authority to move faster on thatSaid Maximo Piccolo.

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