Health reports three new deaths and 45 hospitalizations due to COVID-19

Health reports three new deaths and 45 hospitalizations due to COVID-19

The Ministry of Health reported on Wednesday, Three new deaths and 45 people in hospital by COVID-19.

According to the agency, Two of the deceased were not vaccinated and the other did not receive the booster.

“If you have a positive diagnosis of COVID-19 and pre-existing health conditions, there are medications your doctor can prescribe,” the agency said in a tweet.

The average number of deaths of unvaccinated people per 100,000 – in a 30-day period – is 3; In the case of vaccination (with two doses) it is 0; Those vaccinated with booster doses are also zero.

In total, they have been reported in the last 30 days:

  • 29 people’s deaths Not vaccinated It has a population of 533,668 (this population number is constantly changing as people get vaccinated).
  • 16 people’s deaths to feed (partially without a booster dose) out of 1,248,746 (this population is constantly changing as people reach the time they are entitled to receive a booster dose).
  • Eleven people’s deaths Vaccination with supportive medicationout of 1,411,280 people (this population number is constantly changing, depending on how many people receive this dose).

On the other hand, A total of 45 are in hospital due to the virus breaks down to 42 Two adults and three pediatric patients.

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While, The percentage of positivity recorded at 6:00 am was 6.7%, a percentage that shows an increase in behavior compared to the figure announced yesterday.

The rest of the epidemiological and demographic data will be expanded at noon.

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