Manchester United striker Marcus Rashford shows frustration against Harry Maguire

Manchester United striker Marcus Rashford shows frustration against Harry Maguire

Manchester United’s goalscoring frustrations threatened to boil over during the feud between Marcus Rashford And the Harry Maguire.

In the 69th minute of UnitedThe third consecutive goalless draw at Crystal Palace, Maguire attempted to maintain the pressure by throwing the ball forward to Rashford but was reported in an offside situation.

Maguire could have been heard telling Rashford “You have to stay close” and Rashford did not back down as United fell 14 points behind the fugitive. Premier League Manchester City leaders.

Rashford missed an excellent first half opportunity when he fired a long shot during United’s most dominating period in yet another dismal draw, and he’s now nearly five hours without scoring.

“It was a good game,” said United coach Uli Gunnar Solskjaer. “Marcus put it up on a grand scale. That was a small moment if we’d scored it there, this is the moment we were in the lead. But, apart from that, it was a very close match and a tough game.”

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Dean Henderson made his Premier League debut since December 17 and has kept his eighth clean sheet at 13 for United this season. The 23-year-old didn’t have much to do at Selhurst Park until the 90th minute when he banned Patrick Van Anholt in a one-on-one match.

David de Gea was sidelined for personal reasons but Solskjaer refused to clarify whether Henderson would stay in the net in the Manchester derby on Sunday.

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“I can’t really say about David, it’s a private matter,” Solshire confirmed. “Dean is ready if called, I saw it. He kept his focus.

“I think he might have been called to offside but for the time being I thought Dean saved us a point because it looked like it was a decisive moment and this was probably the biggest match opportunity with the exception of Marcus in the first half.”

Victor Lindelof sits in the draw with a recurring back trouble and Erik Bailey has featured with Maguire, but Lindelof may return to City this weekend.

Solskjaer explained that “Victor struggled to support his back”. “When he was playing Sunday night, it was a tough game and he was doing really well and I didn’t want to play it if I didn’t have to, and Eric was more than capable and he played well tonight too.

“So the decision is on Sunday; I’m not giving it to you now. Hopefully Victor’s back is fine now he’s got that comfort he needs.”

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