The Most Common Lies About Space

The Most Common Lies About Space

The Social media Full of comments of all kinds and some in particular as in Twitteroften a “fertile ground” for discussions about Policy Or also one of the most vulgar topics. Sometimes you can read “tweets” that make claims without having a scientific basis or real knowledge of the topic to confirm what has been written. In the specific space case, she was a cosmologist in United State who wanted to deny everything that was written about her, and thus revealed her The most common lies about space.

lie in space

Katie Macthe world of cosmology in North Carolina State University, fights misinformation and astrological conspiracies, Speaking at its annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), on Lies Told About Space On The Webwhich undermines confidence in science.

The cosmology Explain that the network is full of People who can translatein their own way, Pictures In fact, they show something else. For example, molecular cloud pictureMade of gas and dust, It would actually be a “vacuum” in the middle of spacebecause it looks like a black spot.

On the other hand, between The strangest phrases collected by the researcher, which would have taken him for sure stand out. Which date is the red planet? stand out in The sky is like the moon. These are another plague Communities that support ideas and theories that have never been proven By scholars… that’s the case conspiracy theorieslike a celebrity flat earthor any other scientific ideology outside the confirmed space community: they would not exist if they were not united by the idea that scientists are a mass of liars and want to hide the secrets of their research.

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Caliber Characters Katie Mack tries to share real information, With the data in hand and try in addition to Not to harm the thinking of conspiracy theorists and encourage them to confront: «It is good that you are interested in this topic, if you want to go deeper, you can merge with this…».

The call of cosmologists is Giving great importance to the sources from which the news comes, Or jump over the social profiles of the great contemporary minds.

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