horror! Ingrid Martz tells how a slap in a TV series got her jaw, and now she talks “half twisted”

horror!  Ingrid Martz tells how a slap in a TV series got her jaw, and now she talks “half twisted”

The Mexican actress Ingrid Martz Will enter Occupational risk statisticsBecause even if we have an idea that actors “should only look good in front of the camera”, they also risk their integrity and even their health, as in the case of Martz, who due to injury, is in the group now a Severe injury to the jaw.

Really Ingrid Martz Has not participated in any TV series or movie; however He has his own YouTube channel Sharing parenting tips for mothers and fathers of young children or newborns.

An injury has arisen since the 1990s

As People magazine revealed that the Ingrid Martz incident was recorded during the “Preciosa” television recordings., A Televisa production that launched on the small screen in the late 1990s.

“Lots of people ask me if I suffer from any facial paralysis or any problem in life because I’m suddenly talking half-twisted, that is, my jaw does something like this when I talk (tilts) and the reason for that is because of a slap I made in my first TV series,” Ingrid explained in a recent live broadcast on YouTube.

Ingrid thinks she will have an operation

Ingrid explained that the “immense slap” she received as part of the scene was like this This caused her to “lose her jaw,” which left her with dire consequences that she still suffers from today.. However, he believes that given the discomfort, he will not rule out medical intervention to fix his facial problem, yet The epidemic is subsiding. According to her, “it is very likely” that they will have to work.

“I don’t know exactly what happened, but since then I talk crooked, and sometimes when I eat when I open my mouth I can’t open it, meaning I have to close it, how to rearrange it and reopen it,” an actress explained.

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