House of Representatives approves plan to avoid government shutdown

House of Representatives approves plan to avoid government shutdown

The House of Representatives voted Tuesday in favor of a plan to avoid a government shutdown after a new Republican president. Mike Johnson was forced to reach out to the Democrats While far-right conservatives revolted against his plan.

The bipartisan tally, 336-95, showed Johnson’s willingness to leave the right-wing Republicans. Work with Democrats to temporarily run the governmentThe same political move that cost the last Speaker of the House of Representatives, Kevin McCarthy, his job just a few weeks ago.

This time, Louisiana’s Johnson appeared to be headed for a temporary better end when the House passed a stopgap package to keep the government running through the new year. The Senate will act next, ahead of a deadline that ends Friday.

“It is a matter of conscience for all of us to ensure that the government continues to function. We owe it to the American people,” Johnson said at a Capitol news conference on Tuesday.

But the new Republican president faces the same political problem that led to McCarthy’s ouster: angry, frustrated, far-right Republican lawmakers. They rejected his approach, demanded budget cuts and decided to vote against the plan. Without sufficient support from his Republican majority, Johnson had no choice but to rely on Democrats.

Shortly before the vote on Tuesday night, The House Democratic leaders released a joint statement He said the package meets all their requirements and they support it.

It’s an anti-bell cage plan by the new Speaker of the Lower House to avoid a government shutdown

What is Johnson’s plan?

Under your proposal, Johnson offers a unique (and critics find strange) two-part process Some federal agencies are temporarily funded until January 19 and others until February 2.

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It comes from a continuous resolution, or CR Without any deep cuts as conservatives They have been requesting it all year. And that doesn’t include President Joe Biden’s nearly $106 billion request. For Ukraine, Israel, border security and other ancillary funds.

“We’re not going to give up,” Johnson said after a closed-door meeting of House Republicans Tuesday morning, as he vowed not to support another shutdown measure. “But you have to pick the fights you can win.”

Johnson says the innovative approach will stabilize House Republicans “Enter the fray” for deep spending cuts in the new yearBut many Republicans are skeptical of a better outcome in January.

The House Freedom Caucus announced its opposition, casting dozens of votes against the plan.

“I think it’s a huge mistake,” said Rep. Chip Roy, R-Texas, a member of the lawmakers’ far-right caucus.

R-Tennessee, Rep. “It’s wrong,” said Andy Ogles.

All this left Johnson Some options but generally an exclusive practice is to abstain from voting The party must rely on another process that requires a two-thirds majority vote of Democrats for approval.

Democratic Party Chairman Hakeem Jeffries, in a letter to colleagues, said the Republican package met Democratic demands to keep funding at current levels without major cuts or divisive policy priorities for Republicans.

“Radical MAGA Republicans have shown time and time again that they cannot govern without House Democrats,” Jeffries said on NPR. “That will be the case this week in the context of avoiding a government shutdown.”

The same move that led to McCarthy’s ouster

Get consent from both parties The continuing resolution was the same move that led McCarthy to the extreme right He must be discharged in October no later than September 30 to avoid a federal shutdown. For now, Johnson appears to be benefiting from a political honeymoon in one of his first major tests.

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But representative Marjorie Taylor Green, R-Ga., a McCarthy ally who opposed his ouster, said Johnson should be held to the same standard. “What is the point of impeaching the president if nothing changes? “The only way to ensure real change happens is to keep the red line the same for all speakers.”

The Senate, where Democrats hold a slim majority. It expressed its willingness to accept Johnson’s package before the deadline Friday to finance Govt.

Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell called the House package “a solution” and said he hoped Congress would pass it with bipartisan support.

“It’s great to see us working together to avoid a government shutdown,” he said.

But McConnell, R-Ky., has signaled that Congress still has work to do on Biden’s request to deliver. For US military assistance and other needs to Ukraine and Israel. Senators are trying to craft a separate package to fund U.S. goods for foreign wars and improve border security, but that remains a work in progress.

If passed, the continuing resolution would fall short of the GOP’s first-year victory in the majority. The Republicans have worked tirelessly to reduce federal spending Only to find that his own Republican colleagues were unwilling to adopt more conservative priorities. Two Republican bills collapsed last week as moderates rebelled.

Instead, Republicans gave up funding the government on an automatic basis at levels set on a bipartisan basis until late 2022, when Democrats controlled Congress and the two parties agreed on budget terms.

That could all change in the new year If Congress fails to pass the new regulations, it will trigger 1% cuts across all sectors. Passing budgets and traditional appropriations bills to fund the government before spring.

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The automatic 1% cuts that take effect in April are hated on all sides: Republicans say they’re not enough, Democrats say they’re too much and many lawmakers want to boost defense funding. But they are part of the McCarthy and Biden debt deal reached earlier this year. The idea was to pressure Congress to do better.

The legislation extends farm bill programs through September, the end of the current fiscal year. That’s a big win for some farm state lawmakers. For example, Rep. Mark Bogan, D-Wis., warned that without the extension, milk prices would have skyrocketed, hurting farmers in his home state.

“The farm bill extension was the biggest sweetener for me,” Bogan said.

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