How did Shakira look at her 15-year-old party in Barranquilla?

How did Shakira look at her 15-year-old party in Barranquilla?

The pink singer’s party was held in 1992, and is held in the house where she lives with her family.

Shakira is one of the most famous singers in the world, and her popularity has led to her having a fairly large community on her social media networks, only on Instagram she has 70.2 million followers.

Fans of the singer enjoy learning about the daily life of the Colombian woman, as well as learning about her peculiarities and her past.

This time he caused an uproar on social networks due to some photos that were posted of his pink party. The first question that arises is what was your 15-year-old party like, what clothes did you wear and who was at your party?

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Social media users decided to share unpublished photos of Shakira’s life in the El Limoncito neighborhood, where the singer grew up alongside her parents, Nidia del Carmen Ripoll and William Mebarak, in Apartment 202 on Sagitario Street 86-135.

Shakira has positioned herself not only as a great singer and dancer, but also as one of the most beloved and well-rounded performers in the world. Photo: An illustrative and non-commercial image /

The singer’s 15-year-old party took place in 1992 and was at home in the neighborhood she grew up in.

His father, mother, siblings and close friends were at this party to celebrate the 15th anniversary of his life; She decided to wear a simple red dress and loose hair with the rollers tucked into the hair in a dark black shade.

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By that time, Shakira had released her album “Magia”, but it was only after four years that she achieved her goal as a singer and songwriter, but this celebration was very family and emotional for the singer.

Shakira was born in Barranquilla, Colombia on February 2, 1977. Photo: Illustrative and non-commercial image /

Shakira grew up alongside her parents, Nidia Del Carmen Ripoll and William Mubarak. Photo: An illustrative and non-commercial image /

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