How do you free up space on your cell phone?

How do you free up space on your cell phone?

Often times, freeing up space on your cell phone is the best way to prevent your computer from slowing down. Follow these steps and delete all WhatsApp files that are not working for you, so that you have more storage space on your mobile device:

  • go to the The Google Play and search for the app “Cleaner The WhatsApp”.
  • Once you open the app, it will ask you to give permission to explore the folder The WhatsApp. To do this, click on the “Select Folder From” button The WhatsApp”.
  • Choose the folder you want to delete files from.
  • Then, you will know how much space all the downloads you made in the messaging app are taking up.
  • Now you just have to select the files that you want to permanently delete from your cell phone.
  • It is important to review each file before deleting it, so as not to make mistakes and lose important materials.

Privacy challenge

Through the social network WhatsApp, another challenge has spread that threatens the privacy of its users. In recent days, the use of the “neighbor by number” tag has increased on Twitter, and users have posted screenshots showing conversations with strangers using the messaging app.

The challenge is a game among young people, but it may violate the privacy of those who do not agree with this trend. The challenge is to send him a message, using WhatsApp to a phone number similar to yours, with only the last number changed. The first contact to start the conversation should say hello and say “I am your neighbor in number.”

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From the screenshots shared by Twitter, you can see how there are those who understand the joke, but there are other users who do not like the challenge and ask not to write more. In addition, they block them and threaten to report a violation of their privacy.

On the other hand, the challenge “Neighbor Number” On The WhatsApp It can also give way to personal data theft through malicious links. Therefore, what is advised is that if you receive a message as part of this viral challenge, it is best not to reply and delete the message immediately. Additionally, you can report it through WhatsApp itself as spam, so that the platform can take action.

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