science game

science game

If the scholars who gathered yesterday afternoon in the BBK room on the Gran Vía de Bilbao, where the second edition of BBK Openscience Fest 2021 was inaugurated, had starred in a chapter of the TV series ‘The Ministry of Time’, which was Working in it in the period of the Inquisition, they will certainly end up on the line. Fortunately, science is becoming more understandable to citizens every day. For this reason, it was not surprising to anyone that the scientists who organized the event at the opening session of this festival could move a robotic hand only with electrical impulses transmitted by their brain or could move a drone from one place to another exclusively using their brain.

The event began with the intervention of Ricardo Mutopria, biologist by profession and biotechnologist by training, founder of the Biook Society, one of the entities promoting these conferences – which will conclude on June 13 – and Ohan Aldetoraga, responsible for education, talent and entrepreneurship for BBK, the station. The other in which this festival continues, which emphasized that this initiative aims to achieve “a society that is more educated, more important and more able to respond to the problems and challenges of the twenty-first century”.

These days, in which illustrative workshops, participatory science presentations or sessions on topics of great social and environmental impact will be held, aim to ensure that every citizen brings out the world he has inside and in this way knows the world of science more deeply.

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Today’s event was attended by speakers Lear Gravina and Amia San Juan. Adriana and Maitane Sánchez, from Harrobia Ikastola in Bilbao, a vocational education and training center that on Thursday will present an educational innovation project on recycling, BirziklaON; Nkan Murga, former Minister of Health in the Basque Government; Eder Inunsiaga, Director of BBK Kuna; Mireya Fernandez, Juan Ramon Parado, Jose Maria Correa, Esther Levine, Amaya Figueroa, Juan Manuel Roman and Ana Belen Martinez.

Cesar Fernandez, Ebony Diaz, Javier Garcia Zubia, Emanuel Aguirre, Maria Teresa Messiger, Jose Maria Lazaro, Salma and Diego Griller, Raquel Allegri, Jozoni Zelaya, Lourdes Isassi, Pedro Alonso, Gisel Perez, Roseosa and Cristina Zabala. Not missing were John Etxebaria, Maria Mutopria, Emanol Fernandez Castaneda, Gorca Bassanis, Ricardo Merino, Nerea Páramo, Garikowitz Lerma, Young John and Annie Lerma.

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