Medellin: The 1st District of Science, Technology and Innovation in Colombia – Medellin – Colombia

Medellin: The 1st District of Science, Technology and Innovation in Colombia – Medellin – Colombia

And thanks to the approval of the legislative bill No. 478 in its last debate in the House of Representatives, Medellin it will be The first science, technology and innovation zone in Colombia.

But what does this mean? According to the mayor of Medellin, the city “You will be able to access advantages in tax, financial and administrative matters Set out in Law No. 1617 of 2013 that defines the powers, tools and resources of the counties in the country.

“This will allow Medellín to become Valle del Software, and this includes all the municipalities of the metropolitan area that will receive the same benefits, but in addition will bring national and foreign investment, more jobs and support for entrepreneurs, scholars, universities and in general to the municipality, said Mayor Daniel Quintero Calle: It becomes a more creative city.”

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Likewise, the change in the name from a municipality to a special district indicates that the city should continue to prioritize projects focused on the dynamics of science, technology and innovation, something that has been promoted for years with the Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the only one in Latin America.

This bill was approved after eight debates and received 143 positive votes from members of the House of Representatives of the Congress of the Republic.

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The following is that Legislative bill passes a presidential sanction and finally for review by the Constitutional Court.

The initiative was created in 2020 in the Congress of the Republic by the Democratic Center and will allow “to promote the construction of the software valley and the smart district, attract companies and foreign investment to the city, and create a more competitive ecosystem to enhance the capabilities of the various economic sectors and open new opportunities for the city.”


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