How much do health care workers make in North Carolina?

How much do health care workers make in North Carolina?

wages Healthcare workers in North Carolina They differ in relation to the profession and the field of work. The following healthcare worker income data are based on information from:

Registered nurses

The Registered nurses Taking care of patients in their health conditions. They also provide psychological support and advice to patients and their families.

Average annual income for registered nurses $ 62,940An estimated $ 30.26 an hour.

Obstetricians and gynecologists

The Obstetricians They are doctors who focus on pregnancy and childbirth for mothers while Gynecologists They take care of the female reproductive system and help prevent diseases.

On average, obstetricians and gynecologists earn an income $ 137,170 Annually, an estimated $ 65.95 an hour.

Family and general physicians

They are responsible for diagnosing and treating diseases that are common in the general population. They can refer their patients to specialists should a specific diagnosis or treatment be required.

The average salaries of these professionals fall at $ 204,930 Annually, an estimated $ 98.53 an hour.


They are doctors who provide care for adults with health problems related to internal organs. They diagnose these diseases and injuries and provide treatment as long as they do not involve surgery.

The internist’s annual income is located at $ 296,025, An estimated $ 142.32 an hour.


The Pediatricians Diagnosis and treatment of diseases and injuries in children. The average salaries of these professionals fall at $ 153,830 Annually, an estimated $ 73.96 an hour.


These doctors diagnose and treat mental and brain disorders. They also help prevent them.

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The average annual salary earned by a psychiatrist falls in $ 180,040Equivalent to $ 86.56 an hour.

Medical secretary

They perform administrative tasks in doctors’ offices. They should know the medical terminology and the process of recording and keeping medical records in the establishments in which they work.

Their average annual income $ 33,470, About $ 16.09 an hour.

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