After the memes, they sell the Bernie Sanders toy for $ 40,000

After the memes, they sell the Bernie Sanders toy for $ 40,000

A toy inspired by a famous photo of a senator from Vermont, Bernie SandersIt was auctioned off for more than $ 40,000 during the US presidency, which will be used for a food aid program for the elderly in need.

The creator of the Crochet doll, Toby King, was inspired by the image of Bernie Sanders, a senator and former presidential hopeful who sat during the inauguration of the president. Joe Biden Last January 20.

Sanders was caught wearing a thick jacket, wild hair and fluffy gloves knitted by a teacher from his state, which has become the talk of social media.

King auctioned off his work on eBay and promised that all the money raised would go to a charity.

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After seeing the success of Sanders’ image during his inauguration, and many memes being created for it, he wanted to go to Meal on Wheels, a non-profit organization that supported Sanders. In the past, who provided food for the elderly in need.

The toy, which reflects the now iconic pose of the progressive senator, went up for auction for 99 cents on Saturday, reaching 3 20,300 in three days, a successful auction.

The stage that saw the success of the auction EBay He pledged to donate to King’s selected voluntary charity in a successful endeavor, donating more than 40,000 in just a few days.

Photo posted by Toby Pearls King on eBay platform. Forum: EFE

“Senator Sanders has long been a supporter of Meals on Wheels, and it’s amazing that an unexpected moment in which he is the center of attention inspires others to fight hunger and loneliness in our lives,” said Jenny Young, an organization’s spokeswoman.

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Sanders’ tent has begun to use the senator’s image to sell sweatshirts during the inauguration, and all of the money raised goes to the same charity.


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