How the pandemic played a key role in popularizing online bingo games?

How the pandemic played a key role in popularizing online bingo games?

The COVID-19 pandemic changed people’s lives in various ways. From imposing social distancing norms to normalizing work from home, the pandemic has affected every aspect of our lifestyle and career. Thanks to COVID, mobile gaming has also seen an unprecedented surge, with one of the most significant areas being the online bingo sector.

Before the pandemic, bingo rarely received the same respect as other games. Instead, it was written off as being outdated, and a game fit for grandmothers. However, the recent resurgence of the game has shown that it will survive and thrive in the coming years.

People desperately wanted to pass their time during the pandemic, and virtual bingo games helped them get through. While the basic rules remain the same: players have to match the numbers on their cards and make a pattern, the game’s reimagined online bingo games are fast-paced and time-based. The games can be played with opponents, and there are also cash tournaments that one can partake in to earn money and entertainment. So, bingo is no longer only for the old, as millennials are interested in playing this simple game.

Reasons why COVID brought online bingo games to the forefront

  • Location restriction

Typically, bingo was enjoyed in community halls or church parties where people gathered together to play bingo games. A lot of people even traveled to reach these bingo halls. However, spending hours playing bingo was a luxury that only retired people enjoyed or those who had a lot of free time. Working professionals weren’t too keen on participating in bingo games.

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The advent of the bingo game on the digital platform during the pandemic opened new avenues and gave everyone a fair chance. During the initial days of COVID, lockdowns were imposed, and people couldn’t travel. It meant the closing of bingo halls. However, that’s when people realized the existence of online bingo games, and everyone, regardless of their age, started participating in it. Seeing the renewed interest in the game, the developers left no stone unturned to make the game fit for today’s age.

  • Large gatherings under a roof

The shift of bingo to the online platform is also because of social distancing norms. Usually, bingo halls would be filled with people waiting with their cards to match the numbers being called out. The pandemic has made people wary of attending large gatherings under one roof. Therefore, people prefer to download bingo game on their phone and enjoy it in the comfort of their homes.

  • Work from home pressure

The challenges and pressures of working from home were understood dearly by the professionals during COVID. Not being allowed to leave the house and extra working hours took a toll on their mental health. That’s when many people turned to online games and found online bingo games to be an easy pick. There’s no need to spend a lot of time understanding the rules, and one can start playing immediately. Also, the games offer short sessions so that they can be played in between breaks from work.

 How do online bingo games work?

The game’s objective is to get a five in a row on the card, diagonally, horizontally, or vertically. Then, the host calls out the numbers randomly, and players have to mark the called letters on their cards.

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Even in online bingo, the rules remain the same. However, instead of cards or flashcards, the players are provided with virtual Bingo cards or tickets. When the match starts, the Bingo ball appears, and each has a daub bonus timer. Then, another bingo ball appears when the timer ends.

Players need to daub and check the formations they’ve made on their tickets or virtual cards. When a pattern is formed, they have to tap the bingo button on their screen. Since online bingo games are timed, players have to score as much as possible within the time. The highest scorer wins the match.

The players can either play practice games for free or participate in tournaments to earn money.

Why do people enjoy online bingo games?

There are several reasons why people love online bingo games. Studies suggest that virtual bingo games are experiencing exponential growth, and over 1.2 million people might be playing the game on their mobile. Take a look at a few reasons why online bingo games are in demand.

  • Online bingo games can be played anywhere and at any time. The bingo halls have specific programs and opening times for bingo events, and their timings might not suit you. But when you play online, you have the freedom to play at any place or time that suits you. You can enjoy complete flexibility.
  • The game is always a click away. Even if you are riding a bus or waiting in a queue, you can play a quick game of bingo on your mobile phone. You can even earn money by playing an online bingo game.
  • Online bingo games offer great opportunities for players to socialize with other bingo players. You can compete with them and even make friends with like-minded people.
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Can real cash rewards be won?

Yes, online bingo games offer real cash prizes and rewards. You can legally earn money while enjoying your favorite bingo game if the US state you reside in doesn’t impose any restrictions on earning through games.


The online bingo gaming market is thriving and is expected to continue growing in the coming years. So if you haven’t yet joined in on the fun, go ahead and download the game.

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