Why There Should Be The Way How To Cancel GamStop

Why There Should Be The Way How To Cancel GamStop

As you may know, GamStop is a self-exclusion platform that operates within the United Kingdom. It is not available in other countries. The idea is that a player creates the account here and immediately after, all UK casinos on the web will become limited. A user can choose the specific period during which gambling will be impossible at UKGC online casinos. This can be 6 months, 1, or 5 years. 

Why UK Players Join GamStop

The idea behind GamStop is simple. A player will create the account when he detects issues with gambling habits and he will distance himself from online gambling until his issues are sorted out. Once his issues are solved and the time passes, he can return to gambling to the UK sites that are members of GamStop. You need to know that all online casinos that have UKGC must be members of GamStop. Once you create an account, all of those casinos will become unavailable and your account will be frozen. 

However, not all players create GamStop account with a clear mind and when they feel like they have gambling addiction symptoms. When it happens, you can’t revert it and usually, those players start looking for ways how to get around of GamStop described at https://www.nongamstopbets.com/how-to-get-around-gamstop/ and use the most popular ones. In reality, more players create an account after a loss or something similar. You need to know that you should always gamble with the money you can afford to lose. This makes online gambling extremely safe and makes it appealing. 

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Many players create the account because their family members require so. This is the most common reason why some players choose the longest duration of the ban. 

There are all kinds of additional reasons why players will create an account at GamStop. Some even do this by mistake or when frustrated due to some reason. Others create an account because they don’t really know how GamStop works and they believe that it coves just one or a few online casinos. This is a serious mistake. 

Why There Should Be A Way How To Revert Exclusion

The first thing you need to know is that there is no method that can help you remove the self-exclusion before it expires. If there would be a method for this, the entire platform would be useless. In other words, if you choose 5 years-long bans, you will have to wait 5 years until you can play games again.  

Thousands of UK players looking for ways how to cancel their GamStop self-exclusion and start playing from time to time. Unfortunately, it is extremely tricky, because GamStop doesn’t have an easy cancellation procedure.

GamStop has lots of advantages and it definitely protects vulnerable players, but it should or even must provide a way to remove the ban and allow players to gamble once again. The main reason for that is actually obvious. If you have selected 5 years of self-exclusion, you would solve your gambling addiction within a few months. You should be able to gamble again in moderation at least. GamStop doesn’t offer this option. You are completely banned from online gambling, period. 

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That’s why we recommend you choose always the shortest duration of self-exclusion. In this case scenario, it should be 6 months. After that time frame, you can continue gambling again. If you notice that you still suffer from a gambling addiction or anything similar, you should prolong the self-exclusion. Yes, this is allowed and you can choose any other option or duration that are offered at any given moment. However, if you have chosen a 1-year self-exclusion duration, you cannot make it shorter and choose 6 months. This isn’t an option GamStop offers which is a downside. 

Players deserve to be able to get back to this particular hobby as soon as they solve the gambling addiction problem. After all, gambling is a hobby and the only hobby out there that can help you make a significant profit. All other hobbies require you to invest money in return for pleasure. Gambling also requires investment, but it can give you profit as well. 

There are a lot of methods for how GamStop can include the cancellation process. They can offer tests to users. If there are no signs of gambling addiction, he can remove the self-exclusion and return to entertainment. They can provide or allow gambling at specific hours for a specific period of time until a player is ready to resume gambling completely. In a nutshell, there are countless methods GamStop can implement in order to make their service more usable and also more popular. At the moment, the platform is useful but has a severe drawback.


GamStop doesn’t allow you to cancel the self-exclusion period. You must wait as long as the time frame lasts and there is no obvious way around it. The only alternative is to play at casinos that are not members of GamStop. Anyway, we believe that GamStop should add a cancellation option to their users or at least an option to make the duration of self-exclusion shorter. 

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