How to delete your old iPhone backups in iCloud | lifestyle

How to delete your old iPhone backups in iCloud |  lifestyle

Unfortunately, our iCloud space is limited. Apple’s cloud isn’t particularly generous when it comes to free gigabytes Because, by default, we are only allowed to store content with a maximum of 5GB. From there, we get into the realm of payment plans that range from the 200GB that the Apple One includes, to more specific plans that adapt to our needs.

In addition, since the iPhone and iPad are able to store their backups in iCloud, there are many gigs Eat And to add to each other while changing devices. So touch, from time to time, eTake a look at everything we upload to the cloud, lest it collapse soon And we need to make a little space for the memories we took this summer, which usually take the form of photos and videos.

Let’s clean the cloud

So it’s time to get into iCloud and start managing everything we’ve stored there, preferably backups, which usually take a good peak. In our case, we have approximately 40 committed wagons In backups so we will manage the copies we have stored. So we go to the “Settings” of the iPhone (or iPad) and then look for “iCloud”.

How to delete iPhone backups in iCloud.

Once inside you will see a perfect illustration of How complete is the cloud subscription space And just below, the option that interests us: “Manage Storage”. It will be there where all the programs appear and apps Which uses a portion of the storage within iCloud and thus can be managed to get rid of them, thus getting new gigs. We are concerned about Backups, so we clicked “Copy”.

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he was there We will see all devices associated with our account They are wasting space in the cloud. If we want to delete any of them, we just have to touch the terminal, and inside the screen that will appear, tell iCloud to delete that backup. this process You can repeat it as many times as devices you are not using appear here. For example, that old iPhone 6s from a few years ago, or another iPad before the current one you’re using. In this way, it will be possible to free up a large amount of space easily without having to erase anything from the phone or tablet.

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