How to free up space on iPhone

How to free up space on iPhone

For this we open the Settings application, find the camera and select “Formats”. Here we make sure that the capture mode is set to High Efficiency or HEIF. On the other hand, in Settings, find General and Storage and activate the “Image Enhancement” option. This will help you not to get into many space problems. However, if the number of files is large, you will eventually need to free up some space.

Save your photos and videos to the cloud

The easiest way to free up space on your device Iphone If you have a lot of photos or videos, and you don’t want to delete them, that means they are using the cloud. Maybe you think iCloud is a good option but it is not so if you delete the photos from the phone, they will also be deleted from iCloud so you need another photo like Google Photos, or something else similar. This can be an issue as many are charging you after a certain amount of space usage, so consider if you really need all your photos.

Save photos and videos to your computer

reasonable option. A computer can have more space, which is useful for storing everything there. First you need to have complete files of iCloud in a Iphoneand download images and then transfer them later, which you can do with Bluetooth.

  • in a Mac It’s simple because it can be done with it airdrop with BluetoothAll you have to do is save the images to a folder. Another way to do this is by using the app Mac pictures As we have to import content while our devices are connected.
  • in a computer we need Itunesand download it from the app.
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We recommend getting an external hard drive, to act as a backup.

Delete apps or their data

in a Settings and Storagewe can see what files Applications Which uses the most space. If you don’t use them, make sure to delete them, and if you use them, go to each of them and check if they are You can delete the data That accumulate over time, which will free up some space.

On the other hand, in some applications like NetflixWe usually download episodes of series, which can be quite heavy. delete them If you need space. The same goes for Spotify if you have a lot of downloaded music.

Clear browser cache

Another option that you can do is to delete all the data and cache of the browser you are using as well Safari, Chrome and Firefox or any other country. They all have a similar process, and from their preferences menu you can delete that data.

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