How to make iCloud backup take up less space

How to make iCloud backup take up less space

If not paid Store applesThe phone definitely bombards you with notifications telling you that there is no space in ICloud backup. Disabling it is annoying and counterintuitive And we’ve considered purchasing some storage plans, but we can make space for this copy.

We will inform you How to configure the iCloud copy to take up the least space possible Because, by default, it copies dozens of apps that we might not be using.

Lighten your iCloud copy so you don’t get cluttered


ICloud backup can be configured even though everything is active by default. This is what causes him to fill up very quickly, so let’s see how to reverse this situation. The first thing that you must do is to follow these steps.

  • Open iPhone Settings
  • Click on your profile picture, where your name appears
  • ICloud Beat
  • Turn off all apps that you don’t want to use iCloud for

For example, if you use Google Photos ICloud backup photos are meaningless, Which will drink your buggies within seconds. There are also secondary apps like Stocks, Game Center, Shortcuts, or Voice Memos that use up iCloud backup space.

Every app you install may require an iCloud backup space. Check out new apps from time to time to avoid surprises

In the same way, for the apps we install, it is convenient to monitor whether they are taking up space from the iCloud copy or not. In other words, Always have this list on hand To deactivate all those apps that use iCloud space without us wanting.

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