Projects that open space for the fifth generation networks in the country – sectors – economy

Projects that open space for the fifth generation networks in the country – sectors – economy

The Minister of Information and Communications Technology Carmen Legia Valderramanoted that although the scenario of 5G network development is a trend in the world and in the region, the government’s efforts are aimed at increasing 4G connectivity and creating a strong regulatory framework for auction and future development in Colombia.

“By 2021, we already have 44 million Internet connections, which means that without a doubt this year we will have more than 45 million,” he recalls.

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He pointed out that In 2025, Colombia will have 4G connectivity in rural areas at 80%.
Valderrama also noted that among the pilots 5G technology already has 50 real points and successful applications in different sectors.

He explained, “We are working to extend the times so that there are more opportunities for pilots and companies, and we will leave the updated regulation and decree about to be issued as the private spectrum space has been opened until 5G technology flows.”

according to Ernesto Gutiérrez de Piñeres, Digital Vice President at Ecopetrol, The company’s 5G project is the product of a previous call for 50 ideas that could generate future value for the refinery, ports, production and extraction of crude oil.

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“We are looking for benefits close to a billion dollars, with investments ranging from 400 or $500 million from these technologies being realized in open ecosystems, Innovating and working alongside leaders, we have already launched ten of these initiatives and have already generated a return of $900 million after investing $120 million,” Gutierrez explained.

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In addition, we already have the world’s first hydrocarbon blockchain in operation. at In the case of 5G, we have a pilot with Claro at the Barrancabermeja refinery. Currently, 35 percent of these properties operate in 5G. Another plan is to inspect with drones and robots, and we still don’t have them and we’re missing out on opportunities, so it is necessary to move forward in this regard,” said the director.

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