How to successfully play golf in wet weather conditions.

How to successfully play golf in wet weather conditions.

Golf is usually considered a fair weather sport. But what does one do when the weather does not cooperate? Read on for our tips on playing golf in the rain.

Umbrella Up

First and foremost, do not set foot onto the golf course without your umbrella! Golf is usually not played by one player on their own, which in this case is quite helpful. When one player is taking their shot, a friend or even the caddy may be able to keep the rain off of the golders head by holding the umbrella for them. Of course, the favour will be returned when the next player takes their turn. Even huge events like the US masters wouldn’t be any good without a little team spirit! Of course, you’ll need to keep an eye on the clouds to see if there’s thunder and lightning-this would be the only time an umbrella might be a bad idea.

Factor in less run

When you put in the wet weather, you’ll need to control the power of the put, remembering that the ball will move a shorter distance when there is water on it. This will mean hitting the ball harder on some holes where you may usually not do so, remembering that an approach shot might stop dead when it hits the grass, that your puts will be slower and require a little more power. You’ll get more backspin as there is a lot more purchase when the conditions are wet so be sure to factor that into your game. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced golfer, an anti-slice driver will help you hit the ball straighter, you can find some of the best drivers at The Left Rough today.

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Dress for Success

Dressing for a game of golf, in any weather is a matter of being sure you not only have a practical outfit, but also one that falls within the guidelines of what one should wear on the golf course. Dressing to play golf in the rain is a matter of being sure that you can play and stay healthy in the challenging conditions.

First of all you need to be sure that you have a waterproof jacket that allows for movement and will not catch your arms in the middle of a shot. You may even want to invest in a rain suit: a matching jacket and pants set, to keep you extra dry…18 holes is a long time outdoors!

Golfers always need gloves, but we advise purchasing gloves especially designed with rainy conditions in mond, and to always have an extra pair available. Some hand warmers wouldn’t go amiss either-keep these in your pockets to hold off the chills in between shots.

As with gloves, golfers always need specialised shoes when they play. These need to be extra specialised when you are playing in the rain-if you don’t have waterproof shoes, your game will quickly turn into a soggy, miserable nightmare.

It’s a good idea to accessory with a few things to round out your rainy day golf outfit. You’ll definitely need a waterproof bag cover to keep your bag and your clubs in tiptop condition. We also recommend adding a hat to your ensemble- not only do they add flair but they’ll keep the rain off of your head! Be sure to keep a towel and an extra pair of socks in your bag so that you can enjoy a drink after the game with friends without feeling soggy and uncomfortable.

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Know about the different rules

Golf sometimes changes up its rules when the seasons change to ensure fair play and a fun game for all.

Casual water: What is casual water, you might ask? It is defined as “any temporary accumulation of water on the course that is not in a water hazard and is visible before or after the player takes his stance. Snow and natural ice, other than frost, are either casual water or loose impediments, at the option of the player.” When you find yourself impared by casual water, find the closest spot of playable ground as long as it is not closer to the hole.

Winter rules: obviously these only apply if your rainy day golf game is actually in Winter! The big change here is the lift, clean and place rule. This helps you avoid mud balls by allowing you to mark the ball and clean it off. You may then replace it within six inches of its original spot, as long as it is no closer to the hole. The only thing that you may not do is move the ball to any new type of grass.

If you make sure that you keep all of the items on this list in mind when getting ready to play a game of golf during a rainy spell, you should do fine and still have the best game of golf that you can.

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