How will 2021 Guard1anes Liguilla play?

How will 2021 Guard1anes Liguilla play?

Pachuca, by reversing the commitment against the Rogibanco, prevented America in exchange. Chivas in the quarter-finals

The eight finalists have been determined since Santos, Atlas, Pachuca and Toluca sealed their energies to this state as Cruz Azul, America, Puebla and Monterrey were already waiting for them.

The commitments, in the absence of formalization by Liga MX, will start next Wednesday and end Sunday.

Then in ESPN Digital We bring you how the quarter-finals turned out and the teams that are already among the eight best matches at Guard1anes 2021:

Cruz Azul vs. Toluca

The latest result between Cruz Azul and Toluca, on the seventh day, culminated 3-2 in favor of the Celestial Cause, in a duel marked by a shot on the goal in which Oscar Macias interfered with a shot on the net from Jonathan Rodriguez. .

The last time Celestes and Scarlett interrupted in a knockout series is back in the quarter-finals of the 2013 Apertura Championships, which were weighted 4-1 in Toluca.

Unless it becomes official, La Noria will close the tap on Saturday, a situation which will be confirmed on Monday by Liga MX.

It will be a one-way commitment in Mexico City in the middle of the week to determine the key at Azteca Stadium.

America vs. Pachuca

Al Nisour won the regular stage duel 2-0 against Tuzos. Richard Sanchez and Pedro Aquino were responsible for scoring the goals that gave Azulkrimas a victory at the Azteca Stadium on the ninth day of the competition.

This will be the third time America and Pachuca have met in the quarter-finals. At the 2012 Clausura, the Eagles won 3–2, and in the 2015 Clausura, the Tuzos won 7-5 on aggregate.

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In all, they met at Liguilla on five occasions, having had in their history a semi-final, an example in which Hidalgo was imposed 3-1 in the summer of 2001. In addition to the 2007 Clausura final, in which they won 3.2.

America qualified directly to the quarter-finals after finishing second in the general table. Eighth-placed Pachuca, meanwhile, overtook Chivas in the play-offs to reach the semi-finals.

Puebla Vs. atlas

Streep, surprisingly third in the standings, fell in the 11th round against Atlas at home thanks to a single goal by Aldo Rocha in the 73rd minute.

This is the first time that Puebla and Atlas have met in Leguila, however, they have met in direct eliminations in their short tournament history.

The first of them happened in the summer of ’01 interval, which ended her 2-1 go to ‘The Strip’, and which sealed Liguilla’s ticket with a 3-3 draw at Cuauhtémoc.

The second match came in the 2014 Copa MX Apertura quarter-final, which ended without goals in normal time, and was decided by a penalty, 4-3, in favor of Puebla.

Monterey vs. The saints

It is the fourth year in a row that Monterrey and Santos have qualified to the quarter-finals between Liga MX and Copa MX. At Apertura 2018, Rayados won 3–0 on aggregate. At Apertura 2019, the gang once again ditched the Warriors after 6-3; Whereas in the 2019/2020 season they faced each other in the cup, a situation in which Reggio won 1-0.

This will be the sixth time that the two teams have met in the Leguila. In addition to the two main keys in the quarter-finals, they played the semi-finals, which Santos won, and the final twice, both for Monterrey.

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Reyados, fourth in the standings, climbed straight to the top eight, and Santos entered the Fiesta Grande after beating Querétaro in the qualifiers, after finishing fifth in the overall standings.

Quarter-finals matches

(1)Opposite (11)

(2) Opposite (8)

(3) Versus (7)

(4) Opposite (5)

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