How will the 2022 season playoffs be played?

How will the 2022 season playoffs be played?

The Los Angeles Dodgers, Atlanta Braves, Houston Astros and New York Yankees already await in the divisional round.

The Major Leagues’ 162-game regular season calendar has come to a close, with 12 called up. Playoffs It will begin with the wild card round (win two out of three games) and will be played in both of these leagues, from Friday 7 October and, if necessary, to Sunday 9 October.

The Los Angeles Dodgers, the team that finished with the best record in the entire Major League, and the Atlanta Braves will rest in the first event of the postseason. National LeagueThe Houston Astros are in a better spot and will have home court advantage in the Young Circuit, which is tied for second seeding the New York Yankees.

In this way, in National League The Philadelphia Phillies and St. Louis Cardinals will determine the defending champions’ (Atlanta Braves) opponent, while the San Diego Padres will travel to the Big Apple for a three-game series against the New York Mets and the winner will receive the prize of a ticket to the Division Series that Dave Roberts’ Dodgers already have waiting for them.

The scenery in American League Here’s what it looks like: The sixth-seeded Tampa Bay Rays will head to the playoffs to face the Cleveland Guardians, and the ninth-seeded Rays will face the New York Yankees.

On the other hand, Dusty Baker’s Houston Astros await the winner of the series between Seattle Mariners and Toronto Blue Jays on Canadian soil.

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The Division seriesWhere the Dodgers, Braves, Astros and Yankees are already established, they’ve already won three of five, and then the Championship Series and World Series are limited to best-of-seven commitments.

The Fall Classic begins Friday, Oct. 28, with a Game 7 on Nov. 5 if necessary.

Wild Card Round

National League

San Diego Padres (5) (4) at New York Mets

These Novenas have had six meetings throughout the season and the Californians have had four of those duels, including two of the last three in The Big Apple.

This looks to be one of the best series in the event and will have great pitching duels with names like that Max Scherzer Y Jacob deGrom By locals, as well Blake Snell Y Yu Darvish By the audience.

Philadelphia Phillies (6) St. Louis Cardinals (3)

The Kings of the National League Central begin this series as favorites, but face a ninth-seeded team that has won four of the seven times they have met.

They finished with four games at Busch Stadium, home of the wild card round, in which they shared wins, but the Cardinals will look to extend their streak. Yadier Molina Y Adam Wainwright.

American League

Seattle Mariners (5) at Toronto Blue Jays (4)

The Canadiens finished second in the AL East and with more than 90 wins, they clinched at least the wild card round at home against the Mariners, who returned to the postseason after a multi-year absence.

The Mariners have dominated the year series with a record of five wins and two losses, but what stands out is their streak of winning their last five, including a four-game home streak last July.

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Tampa Bay Rays (6) at Cleveland Guardians (3)

They’ll be following this series with great interest, especially in New York, not for the simple fact that their rival will be here, but for their outstanding accounts in Florida and what better opportunity to collect them than in the postseason.

For this, the Rays have to come before their series at Progressive Field, where they lost two of three games in late September, so this is a good example of what can be enjoyed in this clash.

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