‘How would you say that? Are you crazy?’ Cuban official reprimanded for ‘talking too much’

‘How would you say that? Are you crazy?’  Cuban official reprimanded for ‘talking too much’

Beatrice Johnson Urrutia, the governor of Santiago de Cuba, reprimanded an official in the middle of a live TV show Explanations bread crisis in the province. Unaware that she is being listened to, Johnson Urrutia told Elizabeth Pereira Serrano, deputy director of the regional food company, “How are you going to say that? Are you crazy?”.

Pereira Serrano said in the edition last Saturday, August 26, Santiago todayfrom Teleturquino, that there was not enough flour coverage to ensure bread production.

“In the case of flour, which is the primary raw material, which has the highest incidence, we are at the county level of 0.5.” I mean, In Santiago de Cuba they work on flour that is delivered daily.

Juan Carlos Russell Sarabetia, the provincial government’s Programs and Objectives Coordinator, was responsible for making it clear that the flour with which the next day’s bread was made was delivered every day.

In the View YouTube channel Santiago today August 26 edition with “error” is not available. Journalist Norges Rodriguez captured the moments of controversy and shared them on social networks.

Affected daily production and distribution of rationed bread in Santiago de Cuba Not only because of the lack of basic raw materials such as flour, but also because of the power outage.

In the capital, there is a significant delay in the delivery of food to the population. The availability of flour allows production for only half a day, which is a huge deficit and prevents the timely sale of bread.

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In the face of rumors among residents and fears of businessmen, the authorities denied that Preventing individuals from selling products made from wheat flour due to a shortage of the product in Cuba.

In recent months, Difficulties in importing wheatThe Ministry of Internal Trade (Minsen) said in a statement on August 23 (August) last, “which affected the availability of this product.”

As usual, Minsen blamed the situation on the “strengthening” of the US embargo and “the current international logistical crisis, as well as the country’s “financial constraints”.

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