Stephen Curry joined Davidson College HOF

Stephen Curry joined Davidson College HOF

After his fourth NBA title and selection as the MVP of the Finals, the Golden State Warriors guard, Stephen Curry, often uses the phrase “what would they say now?” regarding his professional resume. But now, the same goes for his college life.

On Wednesday, Curry was inducted into the Davidson College Hall of Fame, retired his shirt number and received his diploma at a ceremony at the Belk Arena on the school’s campus.

“This is a very wonderful day and a wonderful time for me and my family,” said Carey. “The best decision I ever made was to come to Davidson College, pursue an education, join an amazing community and most importantly play for the amazing man who built this program at Coach (Bob) McKillop.”

Curry finished his degree in May with a bachelor’s degree in sociology, but was unable to attend his college graduation in the spring due to the NBA playoffs. So he had a solo party on Wednesday.

“To earn this title, he has shown determination and perseverance,” Davidson President Doug Hicks said during the ceremony. “It was very easy, very straightforward not to complete your college degree. But in response to that idea, I did what I did with 29 other organizations in the NBA, and I said, ‘Good night.’”

Earning his nickname was fulfilling a promise Carey made to his mother, Sonya, 13 years ago when Carey came out for the draft. But it was also a prerequisite for his shirt retirement, an established rule at Davidson.

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Sonia spoke at the party, reflecting on how she initially wanted her son to attend a more prestigious school, but then changed her mind when she saw how happy Carrie was in Davidson.

Dale, Carrey’s father, spoke about Carrey’s work ethic, noting that the next time he enters the Hall of Fame, “You know where he’s going.”

Bob McKillop, Curry’s former coach and Davidson Award winning coach in school history, concluded the speeches by saying, “There is hope in the world because of Stephen Curry.”

Curry attended Davidson College from 2006 to 2009, during which three years he became the school’s all-time leader in points, three-pointers, free throws, field goals and steals.

Curry also finished his college career as the Southern Conference’s all-time leading scorer, set an NCAA record with 162 three-pointers in 2008, and the 2009 Southern Conference was Bob Waters Male Athlete of the Year, and the 2009 All-American consensus led the Wildcats to the Elite Eight in 2008.

“Every president at every graduate makes hopeful statements about the graduates’ futures,” Hicks said. “In that spirit, I confidently anticipate, Stephen Curry, that he will enjoy great success in his life and career after college.”

After the opening speeches, Carey’s wife, Aisha, and their children, Riley, Ryan and Cannon, joined him on stage.

As of Wednesday, Davidson has only retired with eight jerseys, but he has never retired with a jersey number. Curry’s number 30 became the first number to be retired, which means no Davidson men’s basketball player will ever wear the number 30 again.

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With the crowd counting down from 10, Curry and his family pulled on a basketball-shaped lever to reveal his shirt hanging on the birds of prey and forever indoctrinated into Davidson’s history.

“I’m a graduate,” Curry said to finish. “I’m a Davidson graduate and I’m in the Hall of Fame. That’s pretty crazy.”

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