‘I did not sell myself’; Matías Almeyda has the potential to return to the Liga MX

Mexico City /

Inside the guillotine MX League ‘S last days were relaxed Closing 2022 And one of the names that sounded in place of the removed coaches Matthias AlmeidaOf SD San Jose earthquakesWho refused the formal opportunity.

“Anyone in the football world can say that I am the best-selling I am not selling myself. I’m far from it. Many people can do this on purpose, so they will not call me, others can do it They want to see me At Mexican footballBecause they know the affection and love I have for that association, but no one has contacted me, ”he said.

The Empty When remembered Mexican team Technical search before arrival Gerardo MartinoIt rang out loud to pick up Troy’s bridle, and he’s gone Sivas To MlSounds that always come to Mexican soccer.

“I do not know if this was done deliberately to get my name out Will not be invited Or there are many who love me and love me again Mexican football. When did the national team happen, My name was everywhere“, He added.

Almeida He went Earthquakes 2019 and his last year Mexico Went with SivasDirected from 2015 to 2018.

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