‘I’m not too interested in money’: ‘Hackers’ returned $260 million in assets after biggest crypto heist in history

‘I’m not too interested in money’: ‘Hackers’ returned $260 million in assets after biggest crypto heist in history


12 before 2021 05:35 GMT

They stole over $600 million in “tokens” in what is probably one of the largest cryptocurrency thefts in history.

Hackers who stole more than $600 million in various cryptocurrencies from users of the Poly Network blockchain platform have begun to voluntarily return the stolen assets. Platform It was announced on his Twitter account.

According to the latest figures from the platform, $260 million in assets have already been returned, and $353 million in cryptocurrencies have yet to be redeemed.

The Poly Network team reported the “hack” on Tuesday. Speaking to hackers live this week, he warned that it was “reckless” for hackers to attempt any further transactions with stolen assets.

“We want to contact you and urge you to return the ‘hacked’ assets. The amount of money you ‘hacked’ is The largest in the history of decentralized finance. The forces of order in any country consider it a serious economic crime and you will be pursued.” They posted it Poly network representatives.

It’s too reckless for them to make more transactions. The money they stole belonged to tens of thousands of members of the crypto community. They should talk to us to find a solution,” the transnational platform, which runs on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Ethereum and polygon blockchains, added the Poly network as well. General Three directions for “hackers” to send stolen coins there, which is exactly what they started doing soon after.

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Tom Robinson of blockchain analytics firm Elliptic, He said CNBC told CNBC that the attackers decided it would be safer to return the stolen assets, because “although they can steal crypto assets, Washing and collecting them is very difficult Because of the transparency of the “blockchain” and the use of “blockchain” analysis.”

As soon as the “hackers” stole the funds, they began sending it to other cryptocurrency addresses. Investigators at the security firm SlowMist believe that the theft was “most likely a planned, organized and prepared attack for a long time.” Poly Network urged cryptocurrency traders to “blacklist” ‘tokens’ from addresses linked to ‘hackers’.

Robinson too General Twitter excerpts from an impromptu Q&A session conducted with the account controlled by the hacker through transaction notes, in which the attacker claimed that They wanted to reveal a vulnerability from the platform. In subsequent messages, the attacker insisted that he did not intend to launder the coins. “I’m not very interested in money”“Hacker,” he said, referring to it They carried out the attack “for fun”..

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