The powerful letter Noelia wrote to Tanya Chari: “You disgust me” | News from Mexico

The powerful letter Noelia wrote to Tanya Chari: “You disgust me” |  News from Mexico

Mexico: A few hours ago Noelia He posted an Instagram post in which he appeared alongside Tania Shari, presenter of “El Gordo y la Flaca”, and initially wrote it. He came to take her as his girlfriendBut after I betrayed her Claims to feel “disgusted” towards his person.

“People who drink my wine, eat at my table, celebrate their day like kings, ‘fly’ on my yacht, and then communicate They grow up my enemies, they are not my friendsPendej *I am not the one who sleeps with me, and treason has royalties,” wrote the “You” translator.

The post surprised all his followers and received all kinds of comments Before removing the photo from Instagram, Ago Mail for the powerful message he decided to launch against him.”the enemy“.

To conclude her criticism, the sexy model declared that she was “educated” because she made time to say the supposed truth, “Let a few days pass, but today I won’t let another minute pass without telling you… You are unfair and give me more than an argument… ”, read the description.

Many users of the platform expressed their opinion and there were those who supported it and others who criticized it as well. Some netizens wrote that “Karma will come for Tanya at some pointAnd that the artist will get paid for the evil that the driver put on her.

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during the broadcast of the programme.Chisme there is no such“The drivers took a moment to talk about the assault on the reporter and mentioned it as a possibility The outrage was due to the fact that Noelia was not invited to Shari’s wedding with Sebastian Jimenez.

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However, there are those who claim that the rivalry began when the journalist interviewed the person who Sneak up the singer’s private videoThat is why he callstraitorTo Tanya Shari and refers to people who meet their enemies.

The post was removed from Instagram by platform policies, such as Noelia would Promote online bullying. In light of this, the model emphasized that it was easy to report, but no one did when “El Gordo y la Flaca” talked about her intimate video.

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