“Immediately get rid of”: Expert warns millions of iPad and iPhone users of App Store scams

“Immediately get rid of”: Expert warns millions of iPad and iPhone users of App Store scams


2 May 2021 15:31 GMT

The researcher found several rogue VPN applications that have been downloaded by millions of people.

Well known and influential developer Costa Elefterio has warned all iPhone and iPad owners that there are big new scams in the App Store that will affect millions of users.

In a series Tweet, In a “few minutes” search, the expert revealed that he found many rogue VPN applications that had been in the App Store for more than a year and were downloaded by millions of people.

“Fraud Applications Factory”

At first glance, all of these ‘applications’ They seem “innocent” And they have strong ratings, so because they ‘re free, “most people will download and try.” However, after scrutinizing their descriptions, reviews and websites, Elephanterio concludes that it is a “rogue application factory, a network of different developer accounts controlled by the same people, so if Apple ever gets up and removes one app, there will be others,” he warns.

According to the researcher, users are “trying to warn each other not to fall for these scams, and some people have a lot of trouble canceling unnecessary and continuous charges after downloading these apps”. According to Eleftheriou, these are not “random” applications, but “high-income applications, with revenue of approximately 000,000,000.”

In an interview Forbes.

“These four A total of 9 million downloads, Anyone who uses them should remove them immediately: it is not in the interest of security or privacy to divert your network traffic through fraudsters, “the expert said.

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