Parc Clematis is Affordable Residences in Singapore

Parc Clematis is Affordable Residences in Singapore

Parc Clematis:


The newest construction of the Sing Hai Yi Community situated on Jalan Lempeng in the 05 District of Singapore is a parc clematis condo. A luxurious residential development of about 1500 units in an area of 633,644 square foot, provides the residents with a private community that offers direct access to the main points of the city. The Clematis Park plan can be located on the site of the former City Development Park West Condominium Bloc. 


With Enable as the latest trend in the Singapore Immobilien Landscape growth, Parc Clematis presents the community with a new opportunity to improve the area near Singapore’s second CBD – Jurong East Regional Core. The Parc Clematis has two gorgeous residential towers of classic and contemporary architecture that provide the residents with a picturesque view of the skyline of Singapore.


SingHaiYi is sure to produce another beautiful building that provides world-renowned facilities with an impeccable background of premium construction in Singapore. Parc Clematis promises everything for all with plans for an indoor gym, a children’s playground, a 50-meter swimming pool, an outdoor BBQ venue, and luxury 24-hour concierge facilities.


About Developers:


The fact that this is the latest project from reputable developers, the SingHaiYi Company, is a cause of the anticipation of Parc Clematis’s development. The business has the best record of offering the highest quality residential and trade growth in the country with a range of awesome projects that grace Singapore and beyond. Conducted by Mr. Neil Bush and Mr. Gordon Tang, two of the most established, admired entrepreneurs of the world, SinghaiYi offers creative, realistic, and spectacular innovations. The exhibition of parc clematis showflat consists of 5 different types of apartments, from 1 to 5 bedrooms.


Luxury Amenities:


Residents and developers in the construction of Parc Clematis should be confident that they can demand top-class facilities in the condo with the SingHaiYi community in charge. The Parc Clematis condo has all the beauty and luxurious trademarks SingHaiYi properties in Singapore renowned for their indoor fitness, children’s play space, 50-meter pool, outdoor BBQ, and premium 24-hour concierge facilities.


Parc Clematis Pricing:


The SingHaiYi Group still needs to include the production price detail. The Parc Clematis psf costs are, however, in the range of $1,400 to $1,500 from a specialist study. The former condo of Park West has been tested three times. At the beginning of 2018, it eventually fell to $840.9 billion. Taking into account the discrepancy prize and the extra $290.6 million in rents, the developer’s property expense would be 850 dollars an sq ft per parcel ratio. The estimated parc clematis price would be about 1350 dollars in combination with the building and other costs.


Nearby Location:


In the private enclave of West Park, Parc Clematis is situated to provide calm and tranquility for residents who are searching for relief from the thrill of the area. While the residents of Parc Clematis have a safe place from the noise that can be brought by life within the area, the MRT and the Ayer Rajah Expressway are similar to all you can get.

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