Impressive: they videotaped a couple of humpback whales passing by at Los Cubanos Beach | News from El Salvador

Impressive: they videotaped a couple of humpback whales passing by at Los Cubanos Beach |  News from El Salvador

In this area of ​​the Sonsonate Coast, El Salvador, these cetaceans are often seen during their migration. Sights have become one of the tourist attractions in this region.

A curious fact about humpback whales, according to, is that their song can be heard as far as 20 kilometers. In El Salvador, watching this species of cetaceans has become a tourist attraction in Los Cubanos Beach, in Sonsonate.

Recently, he shared the profile on Instagram elsalvadorpro a clip in which he shows a humpback couple crossing the waters of the Salvadoran Pacific Ocean. “Fully Show Traffic of Humpback Whales with Thumb, Los Copanos, Sonsonate” By: elsalvadorpro #elsalvadorgopro #elsalvadorpro #elsalvador #elsalvadorimpresionante, you read in the post that the account dedicated to promoting El Salvador as a tourist destination is put together on the video.

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The first reaction of one of the followers of the account was suspicion: “A serious question, is this video real from the cobanos ???, wrote the user carlos.hernandez_e, to which Abner Isaac replied in the affirmative. Then came more likes and greetings from the“ followers ”.

Between January and March, whale watching attracts both local and foreign tourists to Los Copanos, an extremely exotic sandy beach that is considered one of the most beautiful in western El Salvador. For resident hunters and artisans At that place of SonsonateThe fact that humpback whales pass through El Salvador, either to reproduce or to produce their young, presents a unique economic opportunity.

Whale watching is one of the most popular early-year tours at Los Cubanos, Sonsonate. EDH Image / Archive

For them, since 2019, the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources has granted permission to go on whale watching tours, thanks to the efforts of researcher and marine advisor, Jose Perez, underwater photographer David Alvaro and fisherman E. Researcher Mario Campos.

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In 2012, the World Association for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) considered a positive sign for the future of whales in the development of whale watching tourism, which has generated around $ 300 million annually in 18 countries in the region, such as Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras and Costa Rica.

This beautiful sunset in Los Cóbanos was shared by lacasonadelosvega and highlighted on elsalvadorpro’s profile. Photo / Instagram elsalvadorpro

But Los Copanos is not only popular for this encounter between marine animals and humans, it is also famous for its fluctuating geography, sand color, and crystal clear waters. It also offers the visitors a good hotel offer to enjoy an enjoyable stay.

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If you check out elsalvadorpro’s Instagram profile, you will discover the many snaps shared by some visitors who were surprised by the beauty of the Sonsonateco Coast. This protected area is located 11 kilometers east Akagotla Municipality It has 264.6 square kilometers of protected marine ecosystems.

The golden color of the sand and its clear waters make Los Cubanos a paradise in El Salvador. This photo was shared by @ josephacosta25 and highlighted by elsalvadorpro on their profile. Photo / Instagram elsalvadorpro

Very close to this paradise is one of the most popular tourist destinations in West Salvador, Salinitas Beach, where you can also choose a comfortable stay in one of the hotels that operate in that place.

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