Surprise! Russian astronaut records Orange Hollow around Earth: Video

Surprise!  Russian astronaut records Orange Hollow around Earth: Video

Sergei Good-Sverkov Shared an awesome video of 15 seconds It concentrates on a seven-minute flight from the International Space Station, and these images show the brightness of the Earth Aurora borealis Sunrise as seen from the station.

This video has been shared on social media, showing how the images were taken while flying over the Pacific Ocean and passing through cities. To us And Canada, And the journey ends in the North Atlantic, where we cannot see a scene equally.

These postcards undoubtedly amazed internet users, as seen in the pictures due to the beautiful orange halo on Earth The planet glows, Practically incomprehensible from its surface.

This phenomenon is the result of the processes of the upper atmosphere, the oval of the particular green light northern lights and it is seen Interval station Approaching Polar latitudes.

In the last seconds of the video a bright blue bar appears, which is the sunrise. In addition, many flying objects can be found, which are the most viable satellites Reflection of sunlight, As explained by the author of the video.

On the other hand, with regard to this fact, after the publication of this record, many euphologists and experts in FIn extraterrestrial events According to RT, Good-Sverkov spoke jokingly at the end of his trip.

These are pictures:

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