Melina Ramirez admits that her first “bear” on TV: “I was shocked, in crisis”

Melina Ramirez admits that her first “bear” on TV: “I was shocked, in crisis”
Colombian model and presenter Melina Ramirez. Photo: @melinaramirez90

One of the most uncomfortable situations recorded in the country during live television occurred in 2020, when journalist Vanessa de la Torre was caught eating lunch on the full broadcast of Noticias Caracol, although she did not classify that moment as shameful. Yes, it was an atypical event that generated all kinds of reactions, especially on social networks.

A similar situation happened to the presenter as well, Melina Ramirez, With the difference that there is no lunch container in between; On the contrary, the former beauty queen recalls her biggest embarrassing moments of being silent in front of the cameras.

Exactly, that incident occurred when she first appeared as a TV presenter, and thus I remembered it in an interview with the “La Red” program: “When I started presenting sports news and when they told me ‘Ready, on the air’, he stayed like this,” noting that He had no reaction when announcing his corresponding segment on the newsletter.

Everyone said to me ‘Speak, say something’, and I had to send commercials “Because I was so nervous I just gasped, and nothing happened,” Ramirez said. In addition, he noted that this is a good memory that he keeps on television.

Halfway through the conversation, Melina also took the opportunity to tell what happened moments after she cut short her speech short and inexpressive: “They told me Mielle, breathe, drink water, you have to talk, you’re ready, I studied for this, calm down.” -because- I went into shock, into crisis… I couldn’t say anything about the nerves I had,”

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Finally, she indicated that she had not been reprimanded after that stumble, but rather, on the contrary, Receive only votes of encouragement and support To resume the show properly on air.

It should be remembered that the introduction to the current version of ‘Yo me llamo’ was a hit at the end of 2021 after she confirmed that she would be addressing her boyfriend, actor Juan Manuel Mendoza.

The emotional scene that Melina Ramirez shared on her official Instagram account, through a small photo gallery, in which she was seen wearing a long-waisted dress on a rolled background and decorated with red roses, is printed all over the piece.

“SIII a thousand times yes. I love you. I am so lucky to have you, I want to build the house I dreamed of next to you. Thank you 2021 for that much. What happiness! “The former beauty queen, 31, also wrote along with romantic postcards of the proposal.

Soon the photos spread among the followers of the couple who dreamed of seeing them make a new home, as their demonstrations of love overflowed on social networks.

Shortly after the model shared the post, she had already crossed 450,000 “likes” and garnered around 4,500 comments. Her followers wish her all the best with her fiancé and hope to find out when they’re getting married soon.

Many of his colleagues and colleagues from the entertainment world were quick to express their enthusiasm for the publication, including Carolina Cruz, Mario Espetia, Kimberly Reyes, Daniela Donado and Carolina Soto.

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