In Tarbes, the flag is at the heart of the livestock

In Tarbes, the flag is at the heart of the livestock

Workshops to eliminate preconceptions and lies. “In a period marked by the emergence of irrationality and criticism of science, it is important for young people and other people to have these references to understand the world around them and to have the materials to make their decisions.” Star Farm’s next Fleurance boss recognized the importance of the Science Village holding company, and is one of the few companies left in the vein. Thierry Umag defended the director of the Academy “Every year, it is one of the main operations of Fête de la Science”. We had to adapt to the protocol, and suddenly we no longer had the capacity to respond. To the success of this event. But it is essential that children can manipulate things from Kindergarten. Here we are in practice, in observation, not theory. “A total of ten workshops, led by the partner structures of the Society for Sciences in Begur, organized in the department of this 30th edition, aim to shed light on women scientists.” And the desire to popularize and make all the science available around the workshops at work, “noted Tamara Guerrero, president of the association.” We had hoped it was good, but that’s cool. ”On Monday, one of the Osen students was excited, in the process of understanding the techniques of rock art.

Fete de la science continues throughout this week. In total, several hundred Bighurdans will come to this science village, which will be open to the public on Saturday, October 10.

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