In the inferno of the riverbank, the county’s regatas await

In the inferno of the riverbank, the county’s regatas await

The Regattas de San Nicolas will host Rosario County on Friday as part of Game Two of the conference semi-finals. Nicolinos needs a win to enforce the definition on Saturday.

Starting at 9 p.m. Friday, Regattas and Provincial will undoubtedly play a high-speed, emotional and technical game, as shown in last Monday’s game in Rosario. Both teams have materials to do so. On the Rosario side, Garillo, Fernandez and Mariani will definitely be the county pennants. The stadium will definitely go to hell again, as it did in front of Gymnasia, where tickets were sold out before they went on sale.

On the racing front, although he came close to winning at Bonilla, he showed a lot of character and character, and even more so at home. With the support of more than two thousand people who will certainly support the team. Patricio Rodriguez, Santiago Lopez, Federico Repetti, Valentin Ingrata and Alejandro Mina will be the main players of Dastoga, well supported by Sebastian Andolo, Nicolas Rodriguez, Santiago Calderon and Rodrigo Nogueira.

Regattas trained with the whole team, in high spirits, knowing that there was no margin for error. Realizing the need to win to force a third final, it would be a great team up front, with great players and, in a good sense of the word, Nikolino River Bank would once again become hell.

Source: San Nicolas Regatta Press

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