Indiana Hosiers beat 8th seed Ben State Nittani Lions with a wild finish

Indiana Hosiers beat 8th seed Ben State Nittani Lions with a wild finish

Indiana scored its first win in 33 years against the top 10 rivals.

With less than two minutes to go, 21-20, No. 8 Penn State forced a deep fall in Indiana territory, and the Houssians could use the Nittani Lions clock more or less if it came to a deadline. But Devin Ford Untouched towards the final zone, he realized his mistake a second late and fell to a touchdown and a 28-20 lead.

Then Indiana started to run 75 yards, scoring with 22 seconds left and a 2-point effort Michael Phoenix Jr.. Tile.

Indiana coach Tom Allen has admitted that the Hussiers want to score a Ford goal.

“There is a signal for our defense to get the opposing team score,” he said. “So we made that call. I was surprised, I hope he doesn’t go down the 1-yard line.”

Ben State coach James Franklin said the plan was to reduce the goal line.

“We met with that situation this week [in practice], “He said,” we put that situation aside and obviously we could have handled it better. All we wanted to do was go down as far as you could. “

Dying Drive Hosiers is the longest of the day. The Phoenix 10 pass attempts before the drive resulted in one completion and two excuses.

“It gives you a lot of confidence when you come back like we did,” Allen said. “Think about the whole sequence of events that took place there in the late fourth quarter. Ever since I came here, we’ve found ways to lose that kind of game. We’ve found a way to win this game, and that’s why it’s so powerful to find that kind of finish and a way to win.”

However, just before the game went into overtime, Ben State was rewarded with a lifeline, a Potschip skip kick attempt at IU 49. The Nittani Lions quickly gained 8 yards, but Jordan StoutThe 57-yard field goal attempt came short. In overtime, Ben State scored on a 9-yard pass Sean Clifford To Parker Washington, And Indiana Phoenix responded with the first 9-yard Wob Plyor.

Allen then ended the game with a 2-point conversion attempt. Phoenix dribbled to his left and jumped towards the final zone pylon. This was called a successful transformation of the domain. On the restart, the ball appeared to be out of bounds before touching the pylon, but it was uncertain whether the ball had crossed the goal line flight in the first place. After further review, the call stopped.

The game was very close as an opportunistic hoosers team took advantage of the unusual Ben State mistakes. The Nittani Lions lost three first-half breaks and scored 10 penalties and kicks. Jack Bineker He missed two field goals since missing one in 2019. Ben State overtook Indiana by 488 yards and 211, but the Hussiers made far fewer devastating mistakes.

“They played well, we didn’t,” Franklin said. “Not a good combination.”

It was an excellent combination for the Hosiers, who have not knocked out the top 10 teams against Ohio State since October 10, 1987. The Hoosiers have come very close in recent years, having lost or lost to such a team four times in the last five years.

“It’s a play to win,” Allen notes of the 2-point shift effort. “We were close. I’m not sick. I’m tired of being close. I decided ‘we’re going.’

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