Institutions from Ecuador and France will develop scientific projects

Institutions from Ecuador and France will develop scientific projects

The The National Museum of Natural History in Paris and the Ikeam Amazon Regional University They subscribe a an agreement Cooperation to develop joint scientific projects, the State Department reported this Saturday.

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The agreement was signed by the President of the National Museum of History Bruno David. Dean of Iquiam University, Arturo Luc, and Ecuadorean Ambassador to France, Efrain Paus.

The document acknowledges that the two institutions share in Goal To contribute to the implementation of policies for the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity and natural resources, given the global nature of environmental problems, and seeks to promote the production of Knowledge.

During the signing ceremony, Paus pointed out that the relations of cooperation and scientific exchange between the two countries are historical, “and began with the French geodetic mission that visited and explored our country in 18th century“.

Through this agreement, the Natural History Museum and Ikiam can develop joint scientific projects about Biodiversity and the Ecology in fields such as evolutionary biology, anthropology, and archaeology.

In addition to facilitating the reception of their professors and students and their mutual residence between the two institutions, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs indicated in a statement.

The The National Museum of Natural History in Paris It is one of the most famous scientific institutions in France.

The signed agreement provides for free leave and work visas for young people from both countries.

Ecuador and France facilitate youth mobility thanks to the new agreement

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Founded in 1635, its primary mission is research and conservation to conserve nature. It has a research center and laboratory with more than 500 scientists and 390 students from Master’s degrees s PhD In various fields.

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Ikiam is a public institution of higher education, established in 2013, located in the Ecuadorean Amazon region. It focuses on the development of knowledge, science and quality training to conserve and sustain natural resources.

It is committed to contributing to solutions to the social and environmental challenges currently facing Ecuador, the region, and the world, and specializes in academic training and research for environmental sustainability, it says on its website.

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