“It will happen to us too”

“It will happen to us too”


It was clear that Xavi Hernández’s press conference was going to talk about Real Madrid’s comeback against PSG. Catalan DT commented and revealed what he did Messi.

Xavi analyzed the fight against Osasuna on Sunday and made a surprising statement Ronald Arroyo: “He’s not out of the house, the ball is hard for him.”

Donorumma breaks silence and sends harsh letter after his mistake against Real Madrid

“I do not mind talking to Puyol or Mascherano. We can help you from the inside. He’s the most advanced footballer since we’ve been here, especially on the ball. He did not come from home, but was signed by Parsa B. He is brave and that is an advantage to us ”.

ஔPamayang tired?
“It has to be important, I’m so tired. The top three and the interior is a big effort. You have to dose it. It offers so many opportunities. It has a purpose, it’s relevant …”.

Calculations for La Liga
“I do not count. My account is tomorrow. We have already missed points in El Sadar. I do not think beyond. I do not think about Galatasaray.”

“It’s a low-medium block issue. They defend well. But we have to maintain the intensity. They can not beat us in the intensity. We can not reduce it.”

Officer: These are the four new changes in the Balan d’Or rules

And I add: “We have to attack better. Those 9 have not decreased so much. We have analyzed it. No circulation. You have to self-criticize. The second time we were better.

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Holland and Mbabane
“They are hypotheses. I train those I have … important players for whoever they want. But they are hypotheses. It would be nice if they came to La Liga. And to clubs. We will all grow.”

Created opportunities
“Being very effective changes the game. The competitor has to open the gaps and leave. Improving on the scoreboard is an important advantage.”

Osasuna, the next competitor
“We have different solutions to the situation. At Elsewhere we were very good, it was low volume. We had to change things regarding Galatasaray but the goalkeeper was exceptional. We have solutions if they close behind.

Corruption in Paris: PSG owner angry over removal, wants Neymar to leave

Match analysis
”Osasuna is a group of five, four, press, wait, wing reach, according to different organizations, they don’t think about it, they have a lot of resources. Because it will be a tough game. An aggressive and aggressive team and will not give up on the goal easily. Jacoba is doing an extraordinary job. Cost. He is confident of defeating Villarreal. “

The service revealed that the message was sent to Messi After the PSG is removed. He realized the intensity Madrid It was important in the fight.

“I sent a message of encouragement to Messi. These were footballing situations, with Real Madrid winning back to tie with confidence and desire. Champions are like that. It will happen to us too. If you reduce the intensity, they can beat us.

Eric and Araujo, warned. “We will decide
“I choose the center-packs based on them and the competitor. If the Bayern type wingspan with Mல்லller and Lewandowski is high, you need more wings. We will decide tomorrow. We have warranty centers. We can choose.”

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“Let’s see. You should see discomfort, fatigue, minutes, and fines. That’s not much. “

“Sometimes Frankie or Nico can change him. Nico can change to ‘6 ‘. This is an option. He also has a goal. I do not see Petrie as a center.”

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