It’s not just in the woods: Lyme disease ticks are found abundantly on California beaches

It’s not just in the woods: Lyme disease ticks are found abundantly on California beaches


May 3, 2021 00:36 GMT

Researchers have found that young animals carrying the dangerous bacterium Borrelia burgdorferi live on the north coast of the state at the same levels as those in forested areas.

Those who thought that they were only at risk of a tick bite while walking in the woods or were ready to encounter these moths only among the shrubs and plants, have disturbing news from California (USA), where a group of scientists also found them on the beaches.

Researchers found that the ticks that carry the bacterium Borrelia burgdorferi, which is responsible for causing Lyme disease, are found on beaches in the northwestern state in equal numbers as they are in wooded areas.

Within the framework of his studies published in the journal Applied and Environmental MicrobiologyScientists analyzed the prevalence of five types of bacteria – Borrelia burgdorferi, Borrelia americana, Borrelia bistia, Borrelia miamotoi, and Anaplasm pelagiocytophyllum – in Black-legged tick, Ixodes pacificus, in various habitats, such as forests, grasslands and coastal chaparral. This is the first work that took the coast into account and studied the microorganisms that carry this type of moth in the area.

“Beaches and lizard habitats can no longer be considered safe places for ticks,” warned Linda Giampa, Executive Director of Bay Area Lyme Foundation, added that they are now encouraging locals to take precautionary measures in designated areas and try to raise awareness of symptoms of tick-borne infections other than Lyme disease.

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“Prevention of tick-borne diseases is critical and environmental studies like this highlight the need to be vigilant when we are outside,” added Giampa.

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