“There is no longer room for irregular shapes.”

“There is no longer room for irregular shapes.”

The credibility of the voter list that the National Electoral Institute (INE) just approved in the 6 June elections is the best guarantee that there is no longer a place in Mexico for irregularities that occurred when the government organized the elections. Lorenzo Cordova said 30 years ago.

In his usual Sunday message on social media, the advisor to the head of the National Institute of Statistics stressed that “it is no longer possible to commit violations in the country such as removing people from lists, or having people who vote or people who vote multiple times, as happened when elections were held.” Organized by the Ministry of the Interior.

He stressed that today, thanks to legal changes and the presence of institutions such as the National Institute of Statistics, “that we have developed over the past three decades, you can vote freely, and it is well calculated and respected.”

Thanks to that, he said, it was possible to hold elections in which legitimacy, fairness, certainty and multiple rotation prevailed at the local and federal levels.

He noted that the National Elections Institute this week approved the electoral list and the final nominal list of voters for use in the 6 June elections, which are “tools that are extremely important to the credibility and certainty of our democratic processes.”

He pointed out that people who have registered in the Federal Register of Voters, who have updated credentials and thus will be able to vote in the upcoming elections, are included in the nominal list: “Thanks to the nominal list, verification is done by the monitoring committees of which the parties are a part, and it is possible. To have precise control over who complies with voting in each of the 162,000 polling stations that the country’s National Election Institute will set up.

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Cordova Vianilo noted that with more than 93 million 676,000 registrations, the electoral list is not only the largest in our history, but also the most complete, reliable and secure vital database in the state of Mexico. He explained that among them a nominal list of 93 million 528 thousand 473 citizens will be able to vote.

He emphasized that this list is the highest coverage in 30 years, making it among the most updated, purified and covered voter lists in the world.

He pointed out that there are 32,303 records of people residing abroad who will be able to vote in 11 local elections considering this possibility and 949 people are in pretrial detention, and that they will be able for the first time to vote from the local elections. Prisons.

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