‘It’s over! Cuba demands independence, no more doctrine ‘: Yoduel Romero, Gente de Sona, Dessemer Bueno, Michel Osorbo and El Funky

‘It’s over!  Cuba demands independence, no more doctrine ‘: Yoduel Romero, Gente de Sona, Dessemer Bueno, Michel Osorbo and El Funky

Of some One of Cuba’s most famous urban artists came together and harshly criticized the regime And listen to the system change by a song. “No more lies, my people ask for freedom, no more doctrines. Let’s shout ‘homeland and life’ instead of ‘homeland or death’,” says Alexander Delgado. Zonal people, In an excerpt from the theme presented this Tuesday To live On social media.

They participate in this song for freedom Yodul Romero, People People, Decimer Bueno And island-dwelling rappers McClellan Osorbo Y The Funky.

This collaboration is very emotional for the artists: “This is something very profound,” said Yodul Romero of Orisha during the virtual launch.

Romero asked his audience to say, “It’s over, the lie is over, the fraud is over, the torture is over, the prison is over, the prison is over, and you are not allowed to be.”

The musicians sent a solidarity greeting to independent artist Luis Manuel Ottoro Alcondara, the San Isitro Movement, 27N, L Funky, and Osorbo, who briefly established a connection with Cuba. Apparently, the authorities disconnected his internet access during the communication.

Dezemmer Bueno showed himself “Happiness in making history”. As for the singer, the song “refers back and forth” and helps the public feel that they are being followed.

Urban music is very popular on the island, especially among young people. In 2020, internationally recognized figures such as members of the Gente de Sona openly questioned the dictatorship, which was the target of attacks by the ruling party, branding them “mercenaries” and “music terrorists”.

“The homeland and life of these black shoe-shiners”, Yoduel Romero laundered to provide a video clip, citing racist comments experienced by the regime’s defenders, pointing to the color of their skin and attributing the success they achieved to the artists’ education in Cuba.

“Bringing together these people who have traveled the world is a huge responsibility,” he said. The director of the video clip is Asian Popstro It includes pictures of San Isitro barrages, various activists and even part of the protest by Louis Robles on San Rafael Street in Havana.

“The honesty of these artists shows the video of their speech. We no longer want them to lie to us. We want them to think differently, see change, and not give up more years of life. Change,” said Popestro.

This song is the passion of many Cubans inside and outside Cuba, Alexander Delgado revealed, and stressed that they were not funded by anyone: “It’s a thing that comes from the heart that we do for the people.”

Delcado called for the issue to be addressed and for Cuba to continue to join the cause.

“It is necessary to attract the attention of the whole world so that they put their finger on the computer,” Funo said during the presentation.

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