Jaime del Amo Palace in Suances will become a cultural space

Jaime del Amo Palace in Suances will become a cultural space

The property, an asset of local interest, shows deterioration on both the roofs of the original building and the tower, as well as on the floors, making it necessary to carry out conditioning work on the structures, which is the repair of others. City Council implements. years require.

The Vice President and Minister of Culture, Pablo Zuluaga, paid this investment in his department, on a visit to the palace, in which he explained that work is underway to publish the tender documents this year and start work in the first quarter. for 2022, according to the territorial government in a statement.

As indicated, once the building is rehabilitated, the Government’s Directorate General of Cultural Action and Suances City Council will collaborate in the programming of cultural and landscape activities. In addition to considering an “exciting project” to restore cultural heritage such as the Jaime del Amo Palace, Zuloaga noted the role of culture as an economic driver and job creation. In introducing this project, the Vice President was accompanied by the Director General of Cultural Action, Gemma Agudo, and the Mayor of Suances, Andres Ruiz, who thanked the Ministry of Culture for their support in responding to the municipality’s request.

The investment planned to reconstruct a 19th-century building such as the Jaime del Amo Palace and transform it into a cultural center and theater has also been deemed “significant”.

In addition to these cultural and art spaces, the rehabilitation project foresees the construction of a multi-purpose room, meeting room and computer area.

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