Yimby space is revitalizing its cultural club Por Amor al Arte

Yimby space is revitalizing its cultural club Por Amor al Arte

HIn the spring of March good ideas bloom. We now see one of them sprouting in the fertile soil of the cultural club Bor Amur al-Arti.And the Where yesterday was the harvest season. It happened where it usually happens, in Yimby’s space on Ercilla Street, where Marian Sandoval, Eratxi Narvaez s Ainhua Master They expertly pull strings. What was the idea? Promote a meeting between women entrepreneurs Iranzo Pebble s Laura Diez Artoteka initiative promoters and artist Olmo’s signature, All this is planted with the right hand of the writer and journalist Itxaso Elorduy. It was an attractive date.

They suggested a meeting between women and art in the middle of the bridge, as happened once by spies of value at dusk, between the creativity of the idea and the original expression of the artist or vice versa, the artist’s creativity and originality. Of the idea. The text of the meeting was simple: Sing and tell about the innovative role of women in the art world. That was the epicenter of a shivering confrontation of emotions, a high-voltage cultural earthquake on the bizarre Richter scale that measures, by the way, the degree of interest in the designation … the seismograph almost broke!

Let’s get into the article and the descriptions. The idea advocated by Iranzo and Laura has a point of conquering. Suppose Artoteka is a kind of infinite library where, instead of books, one can borrow a work of contemporary art and take it home for a while. At the end of the loan period, you return it and replace it with another one. And so, even when you want to. Like when you pick a movie on Netflix, let’s say. It is inspired by French Arthoteques. It’s all juggling virguería, to end the idea, with the cheap prices being sorely lacking these days.

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We heard Laura say something like, “We know very well the context of the art, especially the local, and we participated in the creation of the project in conversation with artists and cultural agents, exploring the problems and needs they have. One of these is economic instability.” It is a success in times that fly.

The collection consists of thirty works by ten artists –Helena Guney, Belén Cerezo, Juana García-Pozuelo, Raquel Myers, Raisa Alava, Victoria Ascaso, Raquel AsenseeAnd the Mawaters, Tunisia The one previously mentioned, as yesterday’s protagonist, Olmo recording …, Arranged by topic and with additional information about the life and work of each author. At the moment they are only local artists, emerging and intermediate. In the future, we’ll see that.

Saioa art is one hundred percent unique, and cannot be described almost to ordinary people like the undersigned. Perhaps that is why the afternoon began with a show featuring the work of artist Saiwa Olmo and continued to speak with the creators of Artoteka who explained the previously described project. There had been good expectations at a meeting previously broadcast flow, Offered by Media Attack. How to tell the new era as you know.

At the edge of 7.00 in the afternoon, a large portion of the audience arrived at Yimby Space. Among them was the Deputy of Culture, Luria Bilbao Begoña de Ibarra, Director General of Culture; Belgian Consul, Sylvie Lagno Yolanda Fernandez, Arantza de Luna, Javier Pino, Virginia Lopez, Izzar Garico The Mercedes Nunez Among another group of people interested in closely following that bond that unites art and women. It was a distraction for the entire audience approaching the date they lived so hard about the personality of women and the arts. No doubt about it.

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Yimby Space revitalizes its cultural club for a love of art around women and their connection to innovation in the art world

Itsasu Elwardoy moderates a meeting between artist Saiwa Olmo and the businessmen of Artutica, Eranzo Guigaro and Laura Dies.

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