Jaime Villol: Nicholas Gary will gradually regain his space in the ATP

Jaime Villol: Nicholas Gary will gradually regain his space in the ATP

In a dialogue with the “Service and Red” program, Former tennis player Jaime Fillol commented on the moment in which his grandson Nicolas Gary is living and confirmed that the current sixth seed in Chile will gradually regain his place in the ATP circuit.

Today he’s in Sarasota training at Nick Bolletieri Academy, and in two weeks he’s going to compete in Santa Cruz and then play two tournaments here in South America. Fillol said he was encouraged and happy with the way he played in Concepción and the ATP in Santiago and Challenger in Santiago.

“Little by little he will advance and regain his place in the ATP,” he added.

Who was 14 years old also mentioned the attendant Christian Garen, currently number one in Chile.

“Christian is already in the top 20 in the worldQ What more could we ask for? The ideal would be for him to stay there, because he has the conditions, has good tennis, good fitness and a good head… We may criticize him for some things, but he is among the top 20 in the world and it is not easy to be there. “

“We hope that it will remain in place, and we hope that it will reach the top ten,” he added.

In his work as part of the Chilean Tennis Federation Technical Unit, Fayol said the work must continue to motivate young people to play tennis, given the country has a base.

He explained, “On that day there were about 200 boys in the Santiago Challenger match, and this indicates that our tennis has a very solid base and the federation must be aware of this.”

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He added, “There are people who want to play and it is good to give them a chance to reach a competitive tournament even if that is in the long term.”

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